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Posts from December, 2017

  • Caregiver New Year's Resolutions Caregiver New Year's Resolutions If you’re like me, every December you get a ton of free advice about what should be on your list of New Year’s resolutions ranging from the obvious to the impossible. Well, here’s mine. I hope these are different from some of the other recommendations you’re getting in that ... Learn More
  • In Gratitude for Caregivers In Gratitude for Caregivers Each year, Home Helpers gathers to recognize just a few from across our network who consistently demonstrate what exceptional caregiving is and can be. Life gets complicated even for the best organized among us. There’s always a missed connection or an unexpected repair … or ... Learn More
  • Taking Care When a Caregiver Isn’t There Taking Care When a Caregiver Isn’t There It’s unfortunate, but too many of us still have a reflex reaction to caregiving for seniors as a sort of binary decision: Either Mom or Dad is fine on their own, or they need round-the-clock support. The fact is their care need is most likely an accommodating continuum and ... Learn More
  • In-Home Support for the Vision Impaired In-Home Support for the Vision Impaired October 15 is White Cane Safety Day in the United States, an occasion to celebrate the equality of blind Americans and to affirm our commitment to their right to independence. Caregivers often encounter families with one or more members experiencing a profound loss of ... Learn More
  • Caregivers Support Seniors through Disasters Caregivers Support Seniors through Disasters As many caregivers can attest, our older loved ones sometimes react to tragedies and disasters differently than the rest of us. The news has been full of tragedies for the past several weeks: Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, SW Florida, the Texas Gulf Coast … Constant media report of ... Learn More
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