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In Gratitude for Caregivers

Each year, Home Helpers gathers to recognize just a few from across our network who consistently demonstrate what exceptional caregiving is and can be.

Life gets complicated even for the best organized among us. There’s always a missed connection or an unexpected repair … or it rains on the one day set aside for yardwork. We all know the pattern.

There are plenty of tips and systems for managing the details of daily life. We’ve discussed many of them in this community and will continue to share and welcome ideas that support independence.

One of our favorite maxims is that caregiving is a team effort. But in every family, there’s at least one player who consistently takes on more than the rest of us. Many of these heroes do so while still managing their own homes, getting kids off to school, maintaining the car, baking something for the social … oh, and often they’re also holding down a full-time job of their own and still trying to sustain some sort of relationship with a partner

We have celebrated these family caregivers here and throughout our community. We – all of us – have supported them and appreciated them for their service and their sacrifice.

November is Family Caregivers Month and that’s as good a reason as any to remind ourselves to show that appreciation. It can be a thoughtful gift or a little extra help, but most important is that the caregivers in our lives hear the words.

Thank you.

Say it soon and often.

Home Helpers is honored to assist many families and to support the independence of their loved ones. Each year we recognize the members of our team who go above and beyond the call; those who provide a bright example of what exceptional caregiving is and can be.

If we’ve been privileged to serve your family, I invite you to nominate a deserving Home Helpers team member as our Exceptional Caregiver. We know that too many of our people are great at what they do to allow us to recognize all of them publicly. But the positive feedback from the families they serve every day often mean much more to them than anything we could say.

Because it means “Thank you.”                        

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