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Let’s Celebrate Seniors on August 21!

August 21 marks the 30th Anniversary of National Senior Citizens Day in the United States. President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation declaring this day to honor the contributions and vital role that older adults make to the country. Reagan himself personified that, as he was 77 years old when he signed the proclamation.

At Home Helpers® Home Care, we’re especially grateful for seniors and honor them every day of the year. Our office owners are committed to providing Exceptional Care to all of our clients because it’s not only important to them, but also to their family members. Our mission is to be the most trusted and respected provider of comprehensive home care services and support for individuals who wish to remain independent wherever they call home. A large percentage of that business is naturally geared to helping the elderly “age in place,” which means helping seniors live safely in their own homes.

With 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, senior citizens represent the largest demographic in the country—and it continues to grow. They’re also staying more active, thanks to advances in knowledge about nutrition, medical care and the importance of fitness. Still, whenever they need help to remain safely in their home—which an AARP survey showed that 90% of seniors prefer—Home Helpers is there to provide assistance in more than 900 communities (and growing) across the United States.

As family members, neighbors and friends, I hope Senior Citizens Day serves more as a reminder about what we can do to make life better for older Americans. For instance, it’s always a good time to practice random acts of kindness. If you see an elderly neighbor who needs assistance, be like this young man and give that senior a hand. If an 8-year-old can recognize someone in need and take the time to help, the rest of us certainly can, too.

The main thing to remember is we can celebrate seniors anytime—not just on August 21. Whether it’s at the grocery store, in line at the DMV (everyone’s favorite place—not!) or anywhere people gather, let’s just be aware of our surroundings and look for ways to help. Our seniors have contributed so much to make our country great; now it’s time to help them when they need it. Besides, it won’t just make their day—it will make your day, too!


Round-the-Clock Care for Your Loved Ones

Home Helpers® Cared-4 program covers every need to keep someone independent and comfortable at home. Our services include Personal Care & Companionship, Nutrition and Well-Being, Safety and 24-Hour Monitoring and Wellness Calls.