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My Favorite Time of the Year: Exceptional Caregiver Award Nomination Season!

Although nominations don’t open until July 25 at, I’m already excited that the upcoming nomination period is upon us. That’s because soon I’ll have the opportunity to read about the outstanding work being done by independently owned and operated Home Helpers® Home Care offices around the country and, specifically, their Caregivers.

We’ve adopted the tagline Exceptional Care. Exceptional Caregivers.® because it truly represents what we offer to families and their loved ones. It’s a point of emphasis for each office owner because they all realize that when it comes to the bottom line, providing Exceptional Care is why they are in business.

While much of the in-home care our offices provide is for seniors and the elderly, many of the nominations we receive confirm that there is a wide range of people who need these services. For example, if you look at the videos of last year’s Exceptional Caregiver Awards Regional Winners, you’ll see each situation is unique, with each of these Exceptional Caregivers uniquely qualified to assist the individual to whom they provide care.  

Learning about these experiences and the things these Caregivers do to truly go “above and beyond” what can normally be expected is why I am brimming with anticipation about this year’s nominations. In most cases, the only way we’d know about these stories is because families, clients and even fellow employees have taken the time to share them through the nomination process.

If there’s a Caregiver who has done Exceptional work for you or a loved one, I strongly encourage you to share their story with us. We all appreciate being recognized for a job well done, and although most of our Caregivers are modest about their efforts, I know for a fact that this recognition means the world to them.

While there can only be five Regional Winners, there are thousands of others who are also doing exceptional work each day. Nominating them for their efforts lets them know you recognize that—and who knows? Your story about how they’ve made a difference in your life might end up making a huge difference in theirs.     

Our 2018 Exceptional Caregiver Regional Winners are pictured at the 2018 National Conference in Charleston, SC. They are (l-r) Craig Burt, Home Helpers of Jacksonville, Alabama; Rhonda Robers, Home Helpers of Southeast Wisconsin; Timothy Fiedler, Home Helpers of Denver; Brenda Powell, Home Helpers of North Central Texas; and Jeff Householder, Home Helpers of Central Pennsylvania.

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