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Caregiver Profile: Brenda Powell has a ‘Servant’s Heart that Delivers Wonderful Care’

A woman of great faith, Brenda Powell’s concern for all living beings extends beyond just the person she is assigned to as a Caregiver. She graciously cares for an entire family—mother, father and disabled son—and will load the entire family into the van to take them to run errands, shop for groceries and go to doctor’s appointments. She’s also been known to work with the family in their garden and give the dogs a bath, as well as help with housekeeping and performing personal tasks.

Working at Home Helpers of North Central Texas means that Brenda works under the supervision of someone very special to all of us, our first Exceptional Caregiver of the Year, Betty Bibb. So if anyone knows a thing or two about providing Exceptional Care, it’s Betty.

“Life and light emanate from Brenda as she ministers to all she comes into contact with,” said Betty. “She is a masterpiece of God’s love.”

Brenda’s clients concur, offering that she cooks for other relatives even though she doesn’t have to and is always happy to make sure the family pets are getting attention, too.

Our Vision at Home Helpers is to be “the extended family when family can’t be there.” More than one co-worker and client made this very point about Brenda—“she takes time to make her clients comfortable” and “she treats them like family.”

Home Helpers of North Central Texas owners Mark and Lori Thommarson are obviously providing strong leadership with their Caregivers, as they have had an Exceptional Caregiver finalist from their office each of the past three years (Christine Villa followed Betty Bibb as a finalist in 2017). They do a great job of communicating our Vision. 

So thank you for taking our Vision to heart, Brenda, and providing Exceptional Care to all of your clients throughout the year!


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