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Caregivers Provide Inspiration in Addition to Service

First of all, if you submitted a nomination for an Exceptional Caregiver Award (the deadline was earlier this month), thank you for doing that!

While there can only be five regional winners and one Exceptional Caregiver of the Year (which will be announced at our National Conference next March), every Caregiver who is nominated receives a certificate and the knowledge that their work means something to their client and their family.

As to why someone becomes a Caregiver, most have a desire to help others and also need a flexible schedule or additional source of revenue. But for many, it’s even more than that. I believe what our first Exceptional Caregiver of the Year, Betty Bibb, told me is evidence that the best are called to do this work almost as a vocation.

“I didn’t consciously make a decision to be a Caregiver,” she told me. “I think it’s just a calling that God has put in my life. I have a lot of joy and fulfillment and it’s very meaningful to me.”

While financial compensation is nice – after all, we all want to be paid for our hard work – I believe for our best of the best, our Exceptional Caregivers, the recognition of their efforts almost counts for more.

Soon we’ll begin the process of reviewing your nominations and I know once again all of us on the Selection Committee will be touched by these stories of devotion and commitment by a Home Helpers Caregiver. It’s always tough to narrow these down to our five regional winners, but it’s inspiring to learn once again how much good is being done in the world each and every day.

So I thank you for sharing your stories with us and also for recognizing the work done by these fine people who are committed to only one thing: Helping others with a servant mindset.


Round-the-Clock Care for Your Loved Ones

Home Helpers® Cared-4 program covers every need to keep someone independent and comfortable at home. Our services include Personal Care & Companionship, Nutrition and Well-Being, Safety and 24-Hour Monitoring and Wellness Calls.