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Caregiver Profile: Liz Gonzalez, Home Helpers of DuPage Suburbs (Illinois)

By Emma Dickison

“Liz holds all three characteristics that I find most important in a Caregiver: She’s dependable; empathetic; and is extremely patient.”


I had never really boiled down the essence of what it takes to be a Caregiver, but this description of Liz Gonzalez, who works at Home Helpers of the DuPage Suburbs in Illinois, makes a lot of sense to me.


Being able to rely on the fact that your Caregiver is going to be there is essential. When reviewing Liz’s many nominations, this came up over and over:

  • “Whether it’s a last-minute call asking her to stay longer with her client, filling in because someone has called off last minute or working weekends and holidays when she should be with her family…”
  • “Since I require round-the-clock care, there have been times when Liz would come in the middle of the night or would return in the evening after working all day to help the Caregiver who might need help changing me on my bed…”
  • “Liz picks up extra hours. As the scheduler, she makes my job easier…”


Understanding the feelings of others and knowing what’s important to them is another trait that comes through time after time in Liz’s nominations:

  • “Liz is the greatest companion I could ever have asked for. She keeps my spirits up and helps me be in a better mood when I get down. I am certain that she cares for me…”
  • “Beyond carrying out her professional duties, Liz has become a friend to both our mother-in-law and our family. She is a joy to talk to and a pleasure to have working with us.”
  • “Liz is extraordinarily attentive to the client. She is able to recognize any needs or changes that are necessary. Liz has a knack for noticing when there are emotional or physical challenges for the person she is caring for.”


Finally, the old saying “patience is a virtue” is so very true. When you find someone who has the patience of Liz, it’s an extraordinary thing:

  • “For many years I had my dog Cindy who declined in health and needed to be cared for. Cindy could not go up and down the stairs or would have “accidents” at time in the house. Despite the fact that Liz is not an animal person she would always care for Cindy because she knew how much my dog meant to me.”
  • “Liz has been with one of our clients for eight years despite many challenges.”


Reading through these nominations, it was readily apparent that Liz Gonzalez is considered exceptional by everyone she encounters, from co-workers to clients to their family members. One nomination was even from a neighbor of a client, who knows just how important Liz’s role is in making that client’s life better.


Each year I wonder if the stories of Exceptional Care will lessen, but each year the number of nominations and stories increases. It’s a pleasure for me to review these nomination, learn more about these Exceptional Caregivers and share their stories with you.


Congratulations to Liz and all of our Regional Winners in the Home Helpers Exceptional Caregiver Awards!