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Congratulations to All of Our Exceptional Caregiver Award Winners for 2019!

We recently completed our National Conference in New Orleans, where we learned about the latest technology to help make us more efficient, strengthened partnerships with some of our national vendors to expand our continuum of care had an opportunity to meet with each other to find solutions to any challenges, all in the interest of being the leader in providing Exceptional Care.

Speaking of Exceptional Care, one of my favorite activities each year is to meet with all of our Exceptional Caregiver Award winners! These are the folks who get to the core of what we do. Their stories inspire, motivate and serve as examples of how to provide Exceptional Care.

Jamal Newberry, of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, was our Exceptional Caregiver of the Year. As I mentioned in his Caregiver profile on this site on January 11, Jamal has a smile that truly does light up a room. He has a calm and caring nature about him that is engaging and respectful.

It was also gratifying to spend some time with our other Exceptional Caregiver Award Regional Winners. Here’s a brief note about each one:

  • Lindsay Renn of Nampa, Idaho was the one who was tagged with her own brand, the Caregiver who never stops caring, in one of her nominations. A Caregiver for just more than two years, her impact on one family especially will never be forgotten.
  • Ame Langham of Corsicana, Texas works at an office that had a Caregiver nominated for this award four straight years. Perhaps the most notable thing about this is the Ame trained them all and showed through her work as a Caregiver just what it means to be exceptional.
  • Stacy Crawford of Alpharetta, Georgia is another example of someone who has impacted an entire family. Hired to care for an ailing wife, she ended up also caring for the husband when he began having health problems. She’s so important to these folks that they included her in a family photograph commemorating the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary.
  • Liz Gonzalez of Downers Grove, Illinois was the first Caregiver hired by that office’s owner – her son, Michael Gonzalez. Always willing to pick up an extra shift or stay longer if a client needs her help, Liz’s selfless and caring nature helps make her exceptional.

It was truly an honor to meet Jamal, Lindsay, Ame, Stacy and Liz. Thank you for going above and beyond and congratulations to each of you on your Exceptional Caregiver Award!


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