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Caregiver Profile: Jamal Newberry, Home Helpers of Central Pennsylvania

Again this year I’ve been blessed to see so many nominations come in with wonderful stories about the tremendous work being done by Home Helpers Caregivers all across the country. While it’s gratifying to know that so many compassionate people are out there providing Exceptional Care every day, it does make it difficult to narrow the deserving candidates down to five regional winners.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I want to share the stories of these Exceptional Caregivers. Each will be joining our staff and owner community in New Orleans in March for our 2019 National Conference, at which one will be named the Exceptional Caregiver of the Year. Until then, please join me in learning more about each of our finalists.

Always entering with a smile that lights up the entire room, Jamal Newberry is one of those people who emphasizes the “Care” in “Caregiver.”  

“Jamal is always requested by our clients once they have had him as a Caregiver once,” said one of his co-workers at Home Helpers of Central Pennsylvania. “He’s calm and patient with them and they really respond to him.”

Some people see caregiving as a job – a very important job – but a job nonetheless. Jamal sees caregiving as a vocation and is constantly taking additional shifts if another Caregiver has to call off. He also enjoys working with clients who have special needs, including:

  • A non-verbal client, which can be challenging since it’s a little tougher to communicate needs. Jamal is able to reach him, though, by being patient, positive and ultimately productive.
  • A client who plays in a special baseball league on the weekends, meaning Jamal volunteered to work all those weekends so he could be the one to transport this client to his games.
  • A young man named Jimmy who lights up whenever he finds out that Jamal is coming over. “Jamal always asks Jimmy if he wants a hug and Jimmy tells Jamal he loves him,” said Jimmy’s mother. “Jamal is wonderful with my Jimmy and Jimmy can’t wait until he comes over. He takes Jimmy to Taco Bell and ballgames. He’s just so terrific and does everything so wonderfully!”

It’s apparent that Jamal is exceptional because he treats each of his clients like they’re exceptional, too. Thank you for your service, Jamal, and congratulations on being the Exceptional Caregiver Award Winner for the Northeast Region! I look forward to seeing you and all of the regional winners in New Orleans.


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