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7 Tips for Senior Loved Ones Visiting

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we need to remember a few helpful tips when a senior loved one is visiting. An elder loved one may have a few needs that you might want to address to make the visit as easy and fun as possible. Here are some helpful tips to think about this season:

  1. Easy access in and out of the home. Check the pathways of where they will be coming into the home and inside the home. You may need to clear a path and pick things up that are on the floor. Check if any extra support may be needed in the restroom.
  2. Do they have any pets? If your loved one is bringing a pet, pick a family volunteer to help with feeding and walking if necessary. Be sure to have a safe spot for the animal right next to your loved one.
  3. What activities do they like? Find out what activities they like to do whether it is watching TV, crosswords, puzzles, or playing digital games.
  4. Find the perfect place. Set aside a comfortable chair with a comfy blanket where they may be able to do some of the activities they like. If they like to do crosswords or read, be sure there is plenty of light. If they like to watch TV, be sure their comfy spot is near the television. If they like to play digital games, be sure they are near an outlet to keep their devices charged.
  5. Honor their schedule. Make sure you check if there are any medication or dietary requirements. You may have to have a special meal on hand or a light snack ready in case there are any restrictions.
  6. Provide a quiet resting place. Have a quiet space where your loved one can go if they need a catnap or would like a few minutes alone.
  7. Have an exit plan. Know the signs of when your loved one may be ready to go. Have a plan in place so they won’t feel like they are ending the festivities early.

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