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Boise Specialty Trained Alzheimer’s in-Home Caregivers

We provide professional Alzheimer’s in-home care in Boise by caregivers serving their local communities.

In offering a range of services and in-home care options for Alzheimer’s patients, we can provide a comfortable and safe in-home environment where they receive care with dignity and the freedom of being in their home without the risk of harm.

In addition to providing a free in-home consultation that allows us to understand the unique needs of family members, and to match a loved one with the ideal Alzheimer’s in-home caregiver, our caregivers are specially trained and vetted:

  • Extensive background checks and assessments
  • In-depth training based on our philosophy of compassionate care
  • Exceptionally intensive fundamental curriculum
  • Auxiliary electives through online, classroom and webinar training
  • State of Idaho Compliant continuing training
  • Insured and bonded

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Dementia Home Care in Boise for a Higher Quality of Life

As an authorized dementia home care provider in Boise, we can help provide your loved one with a high quality of life in the familiar surroundings and comfort of his/her home.

In caring for dementia patients in their home, we can help them lead constructive and fulfilling lives, and give them a sense of independence following their diagnosis by:

  • Adjusting their home and daily routine to help them feel secure
  • Maintaining a stress-free and relaxed environment
  • Encouraging them to participate in meaningful or useful activities
  • Sharing happy memories and moments with them
  • Providing social and mental inspiration to deter a sense of loneliness
  • Helping increase overall health
  • Providing positive reinforcement

In addition to their high level of experience, our caregivers receive specialized training in dementia home care and in-home memory care, with many acquiring certified Alzheimer’s in-home care through our partnership with the National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care.

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Why Choose Us for In-Home Memory Care in Boise?

We specialize in dementia home care and in-home memory care in Boise to provide extended quality time at home for a loved one, and those who are caring for loved ones.

With training and experience in-home memory care, we are there for your loved one to provide exceptional support.

These are reasons to choose us for in-home memory care:

  • Our specialized training and experience
  • Availability of supplemental monitoring and medical alert systems
  • Depth of compassion
  • Locally owned
  • Aid in developing a customized in-home memory care plan
  • Affordable care
  • 24/7/365 care services availability
  • Free no-obligation in-home consultation
  • Free home environmental safety assessment
  • Compatible caregiver match

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