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What Do I Do If My Elderly Parents Can No Longer Drive?

By Home Helpers Boise

It’s a scary thought…having to talk to your parents or grandparents about giving up their independence. How do you have that conversation? How will they get where they need to go? While you may want to always be there to help out, it’s likely that you’ll have conflicts from time to time that just won’t allow it. That’s OK…you have options! Many in-home care providers will also provide transportation services to seniors. But, just like hiring an in-home caregiver, you’ll want to be sure you hire the right company for the job. Read our blog post about in-home care for some important questions you’ll want to ask of a potential provider. You’ll want to make sure they provide door-to-door service, including help with groceries, luggage, etc. A taxi can provide curb-to-curb service. Your aging family member deserves more than that! Find a quality senior care provider that will provide that peace of mind! It’s vital that your parents or grandparents have the ability to get to the important services they depend on. According to a recent article on, older individuals that can no longer drive tend to go shopping less often for food and attend fewer doctor’s appointments. They also don’t see family and friends as often as they used to. Don’t let your aging family member sit home alone when they don’t have to…find a company that can help provide that sense of independence that will keep them thriving and enjoying their lives for years to come.