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In Home Care Is Best for Seniors

By Mike Jackson

It’s likely one day you’ll have an aging parent that needs more help than you can provide. At that point you’ll need to figure out how to best help them with their daily needs while maintaining their lifestyle and dignity. There will be many choices available to you. In home care is the best for seniors if at all possible. Seniors will have a better quality of life if they can stay in their familiar surroundings. An article on stresses the importance of reducing the trauma associated with transferring to a facility outside the home. Kate Jackson, the author of Prevent Elder Transfer Trauma: Tips to Ease Relocation Stress, says, “for elders, especially for those who may have no desire to move or little choice about where they will end up, the experience can be very stressful.” You can help make this transfer less stressful by maintaining in home care for your senior family member until they can help in the decision making process. If they can help choose the facility and timeframe, then they will feel more empowered in the process, thereby reducing the stress.  

Another reason for in home care is that it reduces the burden on the family. Most of us want to be there for our parents or grandparents, but sometimes it’s just not an option. We have other responsibilities like work, children, etc. If it gets to the point that someone is not getting the attention they need, it’s time to call for help. In home caregivers can also make sure that your family member is staying active, both physically and mentally. See our blog post about the importance of staying active! Take advantage of the resources around you and you can help keep your senior in their home and active for years to come!