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Staying Active is Important At All Ages, Especially Seniors!

By Home Helpers Boise

As we age, we tend to become more “home bodies”, meaning we’re happy just to be in our comfortable, familiar surroundings. While this may make us feel content, it may actually be harmful in the long run, especially among seniors. A segment of National Public Radio recently discussed the concept of brain decline. Bryan James, an epidemiologist at the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center was quoted as saying brain decline is “simply not pre-destined for all human beings", and that "lots of people live into their 90s and even 100s with no symptoms of dementia." This begs the question…what can we do to help fight this situation? In the same interview, Art Kramer, a neuroscientist who directs the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois, says first and foremost, is to exercise. Kramer’s research shows it's the best thing you can do for your brain.

Are the elderly members of your family getting enough exercise to help stave off signs of brain decline? If you don’t have time to get your senior loved ones out and about, consider using a home helping agency. They can provide companion care that includes walks in the park, bike rides, and more. It may not seem like much in our busy lives, but to anyone that faces day after day of watching television, it will be a welcome break that may give them more quality in their remaining years!