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The Dilemma of the ‘Sandwich Generation’

By Mike Jackson

Sandwich Generation

July Recognizes the Dilemma of the ‘Sandwich Generation’

At Home Helpers of Boise, we recognize the unique difficulties faced by the so-called “Sandwich Generation”—i.e., those folks who are in the position of caring for both your younger (or even young adult) children as well as your own aging parents. And sandwich might be too kind of a term, since often you’re getting pressed (and stressed) from all sides; the “Panini Generation” might be more accurate!
Fortunately, there are resources available to help members of the Sandwich Generation cope with the distinct challenges they face. Look for local resources in July in recognition of National Sandwich Generation Month. 
One thing that many family caregivers in this position forget to do is
take care of themselves. When you’re worrying about an aging parent and your kids at the same time, you often don’t take care of who’s taking care of them—you!
So make sure you’re eating well and staying away from sodium-packed takeout food. Instead, check out sites such as from renowned chef (and good food nut) Jamie Oliver for quick and easy meal solutions. Make sure to get your body moving through regular exercise (walking counts!) and, by all means, be sure to always get a good night’s sleep!
How am I supposed to do all that in a day? That’s a fair question, and one we can help you with. We offer respite home care services, which simply means one of our exceptional caregivers will come to your home and give you a planned break on a regular basis. Our professional caregivers will provide elder care for your loved ones while you take time to care for yourself! Best of all, we’ll work with you to develop a customized home care plan that meets your needs and budget.
Finally, don’t forget to maintain perspective. Why are you working so hard? Oh, that’s right, because these are the people you love and care about the most! When everything becomes too task-oriented, take a step back and remember to live in the moment. As Carly Simon once sang, “these are the good old days.” Enjoy and treasure them, and know that you’ve made a difference!