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May: Stroke Awareness Month

By Mike Jackson

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As Stroke Victims Become Younger, Recovery Takes Longer

Risk factors that make someone susceptible to stroke, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity are becoming more common in younger people

Boise, ID – Despite the common belief that stroke only occurs in the elderly, anyone can suffer a stroke at any time. In fact, while stroke has decreased in those over age 65, it has actually increased in younger Americans. By 2009, 34% of those hospitalized for stroke in the US were under age 65.

Stroke can best be described as a “brain attack” (i.e. like a heart attack but instead of cutting off blood flow to a part of the heart, blood is cut off to part of the brain). Once this occurs, brain cells in the area deprived of blood begin to die, meaning abilities controlled by that part of the brain, such as memory or muscle control, are affected. The damage done by stroke can vary (quick treatment is vital to diminish the harm), however it is also the fifth-leading cause of death in America.

Statistics show brain attacks are increasing in those under age 45, mostly due to unhealthy lifestyle choices like obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes—all chief stroke risk factors. Even more alarming, obesity in children and teens has been on the rise, which will directly affect the average age of a stroke victim.

You may be surprised to learn one of the big differences between stroke in an older versus a younger individual is the recovery time. Younger stroke patients could lose many productive years and may require a lifetime of support. Instead of being in prime earning years, families are suddenly both without a wage earner while also needing to provide care as their loved one goes through the recovery process. Fortunately, assistance for families caring for a loved one recuperating from stroke is available.

Owned by Mike Jackson, Home Helpers of Boise, employs Exceptional Caregivers who have been trained to provide assistance to families who are coping with complex care needs. While family Caregivers may provide the majority of assistance to those recovering from stroke, it’s important to have competent, experienced professionals available to provide care while the family Caregiver is at work or school – even to give the family Caregiver needed personal time.

“We understand the effort it takes to support those recovering from stroke and the types of issues can vary widely,” said Home Helpers owner Mike Jackson “As for the family Caregiver, even the most patient, loving and compassionate person needs a break.”

“That’s why we believe it’s important to offer the family Caregiver respite, giving peace of mind knowing their loved one is in good hands.”

Exceptional Caregivers trained to assist those recovering from stroke, along with much-needed (and deserved) respite care for the family Caregiver is better for both the person providing care as well as the person receiving care. Both are essential to relieve the stress during what can be an extremely trying time.

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