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Don't Forget Your Grandparent's Pets!

By Home Helpers Boise

We love our pets! They bring us joy and provide hours of companionship. But, sometimes taking care of them can be tiring, especially to seniors and those in need of assistance. If you have an aging family member that has a pet that needs more attention, you can rest assured that there are home help companies in your area that can help with that burden!

We think of our pets as our responsibility and that we have to always be there for them. While that’s true, there’s nothing to say that you can’t get a little help from time to time! There are so many reasons to have a pet in your life. Don’t let the inability to always take care of them be a reason to stop you from having one of your own. US News & World Report said that having a pet can help give a senior structure and purpose in their lives.

Health experts go on to say there are numerous reasons to have a pet that relate to improving one’s physical being. A recent article on quoted an Australian study that shows pet ownership “reduced rates of developing heart disease, lowered cholesterol levels, and reduced systolic blood pressure in female owners.”


Having a pet in the home also keeps seniors active. They play with their pets, talk with their pets, clean up after them and more. Check out our previous blog article about the importance of keeping your senior family members active!

The bottom line is pretty obvious…it’s good to have a pet in your life, especially if you feel like you’re lacking purpose and becoming sedentary. If you have a pet and you need a little help from time to time, that’s completely OK. Reach out to your local home helping agency and let them give you the break you need!