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Three Simple Steps to Improve Safety for Seniors This Spring

By Mike Jackson

Senior Care in the Boise Idaho Area

Spring is a time when people look forward to warmer weather, getting outside, doing some gardening, going for walks in the park, and much more. For seniors, spring can be a long awaited refreshing season. However, safety hazards still exist for people of all ages, especially those who are of advancing years and who may be dealing with limited mobility, strength, and balance.

There are steps people can take to improve safety for seniors within the comfort of their home. Here are three to keep in mind and consider.

Simple Step #1: Check windows and doors.

This may seem like an odd thing, but consider this: if a person opens a window and it slides relatively easily, what if it doesn’t close? During those warmer string days, it might be wonderful to keep the windows open and allow fresh air through the home, but what if the elderly person can’t close it because it’s stuck? The colder air begins pushing through, and that can not only increase their heating bill, costing them a tremendous amount of money, it can also put them at risk.

Make sure all of the windows and doors open and close easily, at least easily enough for the elderly person to do that on their own.

Simple Step #2: Sweep steps and walkways.

Following winter, especially for the northern part of the country, snow and ice will have been something they contend with. Make sure all walkways and steps are clear. They may have residual sand or other debris on them from the winter, so make sure they are free and clear of this debris.

Simple Step #3: Check the heating system.

Even though winter is coming to an end, it’s important to check the heating system still. Just because it worked well enough throughout the season, that doesn’t mean it’s still in good operating condition.
It may still be needed. In fact, there will probably be plenty of nights and even a few days when the heating system will have to work efficiently. If it doesn’t work properly and the temperature drops, then the senior is being put at unnecessary risk.

Sure, they can bundle up, wrap blankets around themselves, but depending on how cold it is outside, a completely failed heating system could put that senior at unnecessary risk.

These are just a few simple safety tips for this upcoming spring season.