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What Is Home Care and How Does It Differ from Other Care in the Home?

What is Home Care | Home Helpers of Bradenton

When searching for home care, you may find a lot of terminology that can be confusing. In reality, not all types of home care are equal. According to the Florida Home Care Guide, published by Home Helpers, here are just some of terms you may hear when searching for information on home care:

• in-home care

• senior care

• elder care

• dementia care

•non-medical home care

As confusing as the different terms may be, it’s important to understand their different meanings to make sure you find the right home care option for you or a loved one.

The Florida Home Care Guide provides a few more details and starts by defining the overall area of home care. “Home care is essentially support or non-medical care services provided in the home. This care also can take place in another location where the person receiving the care is living (for example, in a skilled nursing facility).” Home care is provided by caregivers who also may be called homemakers, companions, and home health aides.

Hands-on (Personal Care) versus hands-off (Homemaker/Companion) home care

One major difference when looking at different types of home care is the difference between “hands-off” and “hands-on.”

• Hands-off home care refers to homemaker and companion services. This includes companionship, meal prep, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and transportation, etc.

• Hands-on home care refers to personal care services. These services involve hands-on assistance with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, feeding and eating, help using the bathroom, and assisting with medication use.

Home care is typically covered by private pay (personal savings), long-term care insurance policies, VA benefits, Medicaid, and county programs, according to the “Florida Home Care Guide.” 

Some examples of people who may need home care include older individuals, those with a chronic disease or illness, individuals with disabilities, those recovering from a surgery or illness, and new mothers in need of extra help.

Home health care

Home health care is “skilled care administered by medical professionals such as registered nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists,” according to the “Florida Home Care Guide.” Some examples of the care they may provide include:

• Physical, speech, and occupational therapy services

• Wound care and changing dressings

• Injections

• Catheter changes

• Tube feedings

• Medication administration

Generally speaking, home health care requires a doctor’s order and can be paid for by Medicare and other types of insurance.

To learn more about home care, you can download our guide for free at the following link: Florida Home Care Guide.

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