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Six Senior Care Services Your Parents Need When Mobility Changes

If you've noticed your mom and dad are having a harder time getting around the house or climbing up and down the stairs, it’s time to take their safety into consideration. You or another family member could help, but it will impact your work schedules and personal time.

Senior care is helpful at making sure your parents remain independent and living at home when their mobility changes. Arthritis, a hip fracture, osteoporosis, and health conditions like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's can all change a person's stability and gait. Caregivers help out with these six senior care services.

Ambulation and Transfers

When required, caregivers can assist your parents to get to their feet. If they're in bed and have a hard time sitting up and coming to a standing position, trust in caregivers to help out. They can support your parent until they have their cane or walker in hand for support.

Caregivers can help your parents get in and out of a car. If they need someone to support them while they walk around, caregivers are there to lend support walking around the yard, going up and down the stairs, or walking from room to room.


Your parents may be okay standing independently but lack confidence. If they don't like to go up and down the stairs without having someone nearby, caregivers are available. They can join your parents for a walk around the block or on a nature path.


When ambulation is a challenge, cleaning the house may become difficult. Running a vacuum or mopping floors may get ignored as it's too difficult. They may not ever vacuum their stairs because they can't walk up and down them safely. Caregivers help with housekeeping tasks so that their house remains clean and organized.

Medication Reminders

If your parent is taking medications to ease pain after surgery, after fracturing a bone, or when arthritis flares up, caregivers can help out. They can track the timing and make sure they're not taking the pain relievers too often.

Personal Care/Hygiene

Personal care and hygiene can seem like routine tasks, but if your mom and dad struggle with balance, they may not be confident stepping in and out of the bathtub. If they have a shower stall, the floor may be slick. Caregivers are there for support during showers.

They can also have your parents sit down while they shave your dad's face, style your mom's hair, or apply moisturizer to the skin. Personal care and hygiene don't have to be rushed or ignored with senior care services.

If they have a hard time walking around, your parents shouldn't be driving unless they have an adapted car with hand controls. If they can't check their blind spots, they shouldn't drive. Caregivers can drive them around instead.

It's possible to arrange senior care services for one day a week, multiple days, or every now and then when you need a break. Call to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one is considering senior care in Palmetto, FL, please contact the caring staff at Home Helpers of Bradenton. Call today: (941) 499-5946.