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What Makes Air Quality Better for Someone with COPD?

One of the things your elderly family member needs to consider more often if she’s got COPD is the air quality, particularly in her own home. Poor air quality can lead to greater problems with her breathing, which is something you both want to avoid.

Get Rid of Smoke

Smoke is a huge trigger for most people with breathing problems, including COPD. When someone is cooking, make sure to use some type of ventilation, whether that’s opening a window or using the hood fan over the stove. Smokers should never smoke around your senior, because that is a major risk factor for lung cancer as well as being a breathing trigger.

Lose the Chemicals

Air fresheners, cleaning supplies, candles, and more all contain chemicals and fragrances that can cause breathing issues for your senior. Some people with COPD find that switching to natural cleaning supplies or even to things like baking soda and plain dish soap end up being the best route for them. Experiment with removing one set of chemicals at a time to find the combination that helps your senior the most.

Check the Humidity

You might not realize it, but the weather can also have a lot to do with making it difficult for your senior to breathe. You can’t do much about humidity levels outside, but you can control them inside much more readily. Something else to consider is that a humid environment contributes to issues with mold and mildew, too. A dehumidifier rated for the size of your senior’s home can make a huge difference for her.

Eliminate Pet Dander and Dust

Dust and pet dander are two other concerns that you should be aware of if your elderly family member has COPD. Pets are a fantastic companion for your senior, but if she is sensitive to pet fur or to dander, that can be another unexpected trigger. Brushing pets regularly and bathing them can help a lot. Dust is another problem and it’s everywhere, no matter what. Having help with keeping up with cleaning can help, though. Elder care providers can be instrumental in helping your senior to keep both of these issues under control without wearing herself out.

Keeping up with indoor air quality may not be something your elderly family member has ever had to do before, but it can significantly help her with breathing issues. Adding an air purifier might be a good idea, too.

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