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Video of Renee Lance, the Greater Tampa Bay Area 2020 Exceptional Caregiver of the Year

In this video of Renee Lance, we learn more about why she has made the choice to care for seniors, why she enjoys her job, and the impact she makes on her clients’ lives. We are very thankful for wonderful individuals like Renee on which many in our community depend.

Interviewee: Renee Lance, CNA at Home Helpers Home Care of Bradenton

Interviewer: Jonathan Marsh, Owner of Home Helpers Home Care of Bradenton

Renee Lance: My name is Renee Lance. I've been a CNA with Home Helpers for about 18 months. I chose to go into home health care because I enjoy the one-on-one individual attention that I can give my clients. I enjoy spending the time with them, helping them do the things they need to do for everyday activities as well as maybe just be able to be that one thing that gives them a smile during the day.

What I enjoy most about my job is my clients. I love spending time with them. Sometimes I wish I could spend more time with them during the day.

Gene (Home Helpers Client): I've grown accustomed to your face.

Renee Lance: Well, that would be a good thing.

Gene (Home Helpers Client): A lot of it is assisting my wife, relieving her from her duties.

Renee Lance: Sure.

Gene (Home Helpers Client): You get accustomed to it, right?

Renee Lance: I believe that I enhance the lives of the people I work with by making little things, sometimes even big things, much easier for them in their home. Simple things like taking out the trash, or helping read the newspaper, taking a walk, getting out somewhere where maybe they wouldn't have been able to go before.

A typical day here for me: I help with the dishes, take out the garbage, clean up the bathroom when needed, med reminders, we do physical therapy exercises as well as walking. Just simple little things usually just to make life a little easier for my clients.

What I feel brings joy to my clients is just being there for them. Coming into their home and being able to relate to some of their issues. Listen to them. Help them work through some of the problems. Set goals. Sometimes I'm also the only face some of my clients will see during the day so just being there I think really helps them.

I'm pretty grateful for the acknowledgment. However, I just come to work and do my job and I love doing what I do.