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Chiropractic Care Series, Part 1: Does a Chiropractor Have to Pop and Crack Your Bones?

Join us for today's episode of Home Helpers Water Cooler Chat where local expert, Dr. Heather Crawford of Harbor Chiropractic and Harbor Chiropractic of Palmetto, talks about whether or not a chiropractor has to pop and crack your bones.

This is part 1 of a 3-part video series answering frequently asked questions of our audience about chiropractic care. Thank you, Dr. Crawford, for assisting us in providing helpful information to our community, especially seniors.

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To learn more about Harbor Chiropractic or to schedule an appointment, please visit their website at or call 941.761.1100 (Bradenton) or 941.304.3013 (Palmetto) to speak to an associate.


[Jonathan] Thinking about chiropractic care for pain relief? If you answered yes, then there may be some questions that you'd like to have answered before you move forward with chiropractic care. On today's episode of Home Helper's Water Cooler Chat, I have with me local expert Dr. Heather Crawford to talk about whether or not a chiropractor has to pop and crack your bones.

So, the first question I have is do you have to pop and crack my bones?

[Dr. Heather Crawford] And the answer is absolutely not. So, there are things that will determine if it's safe for us to even be able to do what we call those manual hands-on adjustments. So, no snap, crackle, pop. We do use the Activator or ArthroStim, which are small tools that we use actually on our infants all the way up to our oldest patients- 101. So that way, we can go ahead and still get that adjustment without applying too much pressure. There's certain things, obviously, that we can't necessarily adjust.

So, somebody that is an infant that has, you know, very, very pliable, very movable bones, almost like Play-Doh versus an elderly person that may have osteopenia or osteoporosis. So, that'd be a reason for us not to do that manual hands-on adjustment. We can still get that. The biggest thing is, obviously, when you hear the pop, when you hear the snap, it's not about the sound; it's actually about the removing of the nerve interference that's associated with that bony misalignment. So, if somebody has any type of nerve compression, their body's not functioning properly, they may have pain, numbness, tingling, it's actually us reducing that pressure on that nerve through the adjustment that actually is what makes chiropractic work.

[Jonathan] Ah, so it's all about the nerves. Okay.

[Dr. Heather Crawford] It's all about the nerve.

[Jonathan] Okay, got it, got it. So, it's not necessarily about the bones. I guess, it's aligning the... Would it be safe to say it's aligning the spine to make sure there's no interference with the nerves?

[Dr. Heather Crawford] Absolutely. So, brain controls everything in our body. If we have brain, then spinal cord comes down through, and it's those spinal nerves that exit through the spinal cord. If we have impingement on those nerves or that pinching that people say, "I have a pinched nerve"- If it's that, then obviously we adjust, realign the spine, get the pressure off the nerve, and that allows the body to speak clearly or properly to the end organ, muscle, whatever it might be. And it also allows that end organ or muscle to speak to the brain so that they are nicely connected and can properly- The body can heal itself! We have to give it the capability to.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in receiving chiropractic care at Harbor Chiropractic?

[Dr. Heather Crawford] We'd love to meet them. I mean, obviously. And, two, we also do free consultations in our office so it doesn't have to be that commitment at that time. A lot of folks just want to come in, check us out. One: make sure we're normal human beings, which obviously, hey! But check out our office and see if this is the place for them.

[Jonathan] Yeah, and I can speak to the quality of service that you guys provide because I've been a patient there as well, so great. So, I want to thank you for joining us, Dr. Heather. I also want to thank all of our viewers for joining us and I think that's everything. Dr. Heather, thank you again. And everyone else that's viewing, we'll see you again next time for the next edition of Water Cooler Chat. Take care.

[Dr. Heather Crawford] Thanks for having me! Bye.

[Jonathan] If you'd like to reach out to Harbor Chiropractic, there are two locations in Manatee County: one location on Manatee Avenue and then another location just across the river in Palmetto. You can also check them out online at or you can follow them on Facebook.


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