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Announcing Our New Total Care Training Program

Introducing our new Total Care Training Program! At Home Helpers of Bradenton, we believe training is essential not only to provide care but also for the growth and development of our team members. In fact, training is one of our core values. As part of our new training program, our team members can receive the following in-person training/licensing:

  • CNA Skills Training
  • CNA License
  • Cooking Classes
  • Alzheimer's and Related Dementia Training
  • CPR Classes

A big THANK YOU toCareerEdge for helping to make this training program possible!

Video Transcript:

Jonathan 1: In this video, we'll introduce our new Total Care Training Program. I'm Jonathan,

Jonathan 2: I'm Jonathan.

Jonathan 1: Hey man, come on, introduce yourself.

Jonathan 3: Now, why would I do that? I'm you, you're me, it doesn't even make any sense.

Jonathan 1: The troublemaker, but he makes a lot of sense. Total Care Training Program, let's go.

At Home Helpers of Bradenton, we're excited to announce our new Total Care Training Program. This fun and exciting training program places the growth and development of our exceptional caregivers at the forefront, allowing them to maximize their potential as caregivers. This shows our investment in our team, as well as the investment of an organization by the name of CareerEdge, that we're so thankful for, that helped to make this program possible.

Within an approximately six-month time period, our exceptional caregivers can receive the following paid training and licensing: CNA skills, their CNA license, cooking classes, Alzheimer's and related dementia, and last but not least, CPR classes. The training received and skills developed will apply to home care, but will also be very relevant to higher levels of healthcare and other industries, such as hospitality and food service. Let's dig into this a little further.

CNA Skills Training & CNA License

We're going to give our team the knowledge and skills needed to become a Florida certified nursing assistant. I am just really excited about this training. I hope you can tell. This training is administered in person by a registered nurse at Landes Emergency Training Services, right here in Manatee County. It will include in-person skills training, focused on proper care techniques and safety. This course is for all of our caregiving team, regardless of whether or not a team member is currently a CNA. The end goal is that we are performing care consistently, efficiently, and most importantly, safely. Upon completion of the training, our team members will have the opportunity to take the CNA exam, and receive a Florida CNA license. For team members who are already CNAs, the training will go towards their required continuing education units.

Cooking Classes

The Total Care Training Program also includes a fun and exciting cooking course by popular chef Michaelangelo Larive. This hands-on cooking experience will take place over the course of three days, and focuses on culinary and cooking skills, diet and nutrition for seniors, and meal planning. Our team members will learn how to create delicious meals that meet the nutritional requirements of our clients. Mmm mm mm, and I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, I'm gonna take that cooking course myself.

Alzheimer's and Related Dementia Training

Next, we have our Alzheimer's and Related Dementia Training. Our training focuses on the types of dementia, working with those impacted by dementia, and applying those concepts and mock scenarios in a classroom setting. All of our administrative team members are receiving Positive Approach to Care training to be able to apply those methods to our care. So when we say that our organization is inspired by Teepa Snow and the Positive Approach to Care methods and dementia education, we truly mean it.

CPR Classes

Lastly, team members can brush up on CPR skills so that they can be effective in an emergency. After this training, team members will receive a basic life support card from the American Heart Association that is good for two years and is recognized nationally. This training will be facilitated in person by Landes Emergency Training Services. We are so excited to offer this training as we continue to improve the performance of our team and, as a result, improve the care for our clients.

Jonathan 1: Well, how'd I do, guys?

Jonathan 2: I thought you did pretty good.

Jonathan 3: You did all right. Until next time, we'll see you soon.


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