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Fall Prevention Tips: Take Action Now

Do you have concerns about a loved one falling in the home?

Check out this video for five easy fall prevention tips that you can take action on NOW.

A big shout out to Chuck Hindelang with Rising Sun Handyman Services (941) 807-0812, who has installed grab bars for a number of Home Helpers clients over the years.

Tip 1: Make sure there is a clear path from the bed to the bathroom

When we wake up during the middle of the night, we may feel a little groggy. I know I do. It's natural. We're tired. So I know that when I wake up during the middle of the night, my chances of falling have dramatically increased. So make sure that pathway from the bed to the bathroom is free of any clutter. You also want to make sure the pathway is well-lit. At a minimum, have a light right by the bed you can easily turn on. Night lights are a great option too.

Tip 2: Make sure pathways are well-lit

And with this tip, I'm talking about making sure you have enough light to see where you are stepping. Make sure your pathways in and around the home are well-lit. For example, hallways, bedroom, the stairs, the bathroom. And for when it's dark, any pathway outside leading to where you enter the home.

Tip 3: Get rid of clutter in pathways

Make sure wires for the lamps, TVs, et cetera, are out of the way. Also, make sure you don't have other hazards in pathways that you can trip over or slip on. One example that easily comes to mind is loose paper on the floor. Paper can be an extremely dangerous fall hazard.

Tip 4: Get rid of throw rugs

Tip four, get rid of throw rugs. Throw rugs can be dangerous for a few reasons. They can slip. And especially when you have multiple throw rugs, the small changes in level created by the edges of the rugs present a fall hazard. And why? Because you have to navigate the changes in level multiple times. And sometimes these rugs have corners that have turned up, thus adding to the fall hazard. So if you have to have throw rugs, make sure you invest in a slip-resistant rug pad or double-sided tape. You may also opt to have a larger area rug instead of throw rugs, thus making there fewer edges and therefore fewer changes in level to navigate when walking.

Tip 5: Install grab bars in the bathroom

There are so many hard surfaces in the bathroom, which makes falling potentially even more dangerous there when compared to the rest of the home. Install grab bars by the tub and the toilet for support and balance when you need it. If you're worried about how grab bars are going to look, there are many, many decorative or fashionable options out there to choose from.

Well, there you have it. These are five tips where you can make quick changes to prevent falls in your home. If you are a senior or have a senior living with you in the home, go ahead and make these changes right now and then continue to explore other ways to make your home safer. Feel free to share some tips you may have in the comments below.

A big shout out to Chuck Hindelang with Rising Sun Handyman Service. He has installed grab bars and done many other things for Home Helpers clients over the years. He's a great guy, he does great work, and is a consummate professional. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Chuck, for all the work you've done for seniors in our community over the years.

Thank you for watching this video. Take care, and we'll see you soon.


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