24 Hour Care and Live-In Care

24 Hour Care and Live-In Care

24 Hour Care Live In Care Services Bradenton FL - Home Helpers Senior Care

A loved one may need 24 Hour Care or Live-In Care, either temporarily or ongoing. Home Helpers is able to provide round-the-clock assistance in the home, and surrounding communities.

Round-the-clock care may be critical temporarily after suffering a traumatic injury or while recovering from surgery. Individuals may need ongoing help if they have special needs or if their cognitive abilities are impaired by Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, brain tumors, or a stroke.

24 Hour and Live-In Care Offerings

Home Helpers can tailor care around the clock to meet the needs of your loved one. Call us at (941) 999-1960 to discuss.

24/7 Care: A loved one may require an alert caregiver be present at all times when leaving them, even for short periods of time, can be dangerous. This type of intensive caregiving is ideal for someone who has severe cognitive decline or is bed bound. We typically provide care in three 8-hour shifts per day or two 12-hour shifts per day, including overnight. You are not responsible for providing meals or sleeping quarters for the caregivers.

Live-In Services: These services can be provided with a few as one caregiver or in teams of up to 3 caregivers. There is typically one caregiver per 24 hour period.  Live in caregivers will need to be provided a bed in a private room as well as meals.  Live in caregivers must also have adequate time for personal breaks and sleep time. A loved on may require care around the clock but will have no direct supervision during cargiver breaks.  if necessary, the family can step in to fill the gaps or hire additional care.

Benefits of 24-Hour or Live-In Caregiving 

While you may want to personally care for a loved one or friend, it may not always be physically or emotionally possible to provide 24-hour or live-in help.  Round-the-clock care may not only benefit your loved one but also you and your family as well by making life easier.  Below are some of the benefits of these services:

  • Companionship
  • Homemaker services such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Assisting with light exercise, which is an important part of retaining mobility.
  • Assisting with personal hygiene, as in bathing, combing their hair, applying lotion and brushing teeth
  • Assisting with dressing
  • Assisting with going to the bathroom or dealing with incontinence and accidents.

Caregives can also provide a vital link by communicating with medical personnel, family members and friends, keeping everyone updated on the current situation and your loved one’s needs.






24-Hour Care Outside the Home – Other Senior Care Locations

Intensive caregiving around the clock may be critical no matter where your loved one may be, so Home Helpers offers home care services in other locations as well:

  • Retirement communities
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Independent living facilities
  • Assisted living facilities

Our senior home care services including homemaker care, companion care, personal care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, respite care, 24 hour care & live-in care, and monitoring and medical alert services.

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Monitoring Services

Not quite in need of Home Care Services yet? Check out our Monitoring Services, with a wide array of monitoring services and medical alert devices designed to give seniors and others requiring in-home care the independence and safety they need.

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