Our Difference

Our agency is unique compared to other companies. When it comes to evaluating care for your loved one, we urge you to ask many questions.

Significant difference exist between an Agency, and Registry, as defined and regulated by the State of Connecticut.

The following is a high-level overview.


  • Low Risk to consumer

  • Licensed by State of Connecticut

  • Records open and available for inspection or audit by commissioner

  • Caregivers and staff are company employees

  • Performs stringent background assessment, identity verification, criminal and conviction history analysis, multi-state DMV records, sex offender, drug testing and screening process surpass

  • Hold general and professional liability insurance

  • Collect and pay all workers compensation insurance and federal and state taxes

  • Provide individual employee with year-end tax filing information

  • Continuous training and development

  • Written contracts with open cancellation policy

  • Documented and written "service plan


  • Higher risk to consumer

  • Not licensed by the state

  • Required to provide consumer written notice, for their signature, specifying legal liability (1) 

  • Caregivers are independent contractors, Registry functions as referral service (2,3,4)

  • Background verification, criminal history checks, and drug testing are subject to questioning

  • Training and development unknown

  • Consumer required to provided year-end tax filing information

1Sample document to be posted on registry’s website

2 Either party, consumer or registry, is recognized as the employer by the state.

3 Directly, or indirectly, the parties are required to pay federal and state tax, Social Security, overtime and minimum wage, unemployment, workers’ compensation insurance and any other applicable payment required under state and federal law.

4 Registry required to include a statement and inform consumer that he/she should consult a tax professional pertaining to the responsibilities for such payments.