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Caregiver of the Month for August 2019

Home Helpers is pleased to announce our Caregiver of the Month selection for August 2019. Congratulations to Sandee L., of Lansdale, for receiving this honor. Sandee joined Home Helpers in December of 2017 and was promoted within her first 12 months to the position of on-call caregiver. In that role, Sandee supports our mission of delivering exceptional customer service by covering for short notice shift openings, both for existing clients and for clients seeking to begin service rapidly. When not delighting our clients, Sandee helps facilitate client and caregiver wellness visits throughout our service area.

Helpers’ Caregiver of the Month for August 2019

We are pleased to announce Home Helpers’ Caregiver of the Month for August 2019. Congratulations to Iyonna C of Lansdale for this great honor! Iyonna joined our company earlier this year (January) and quickly impressed our clients and our administrative staff. We have been so pleased with her performance that we promoted Iyonna to a full-time caregiver position, in which she will also function as one of our on-call caregivers.

Caregiver of the Month for July 2019

We are thrilled to announce the recipient of Home Helpers’ caregiver of the month for July 2019. Congratulations to Fatima E., from Philadelphia, who just celebrated her first year of employment with Home Helpers! Week after week, Fatima has been a foundation of support for the same client in Chalfont for nearly the entire length of her employment, and that family considers her to be part of their family.

New Caregivers - Nazaarah and Tierra

Home Helpers is thrilled to welcome 2 new caregivers to our team. Welcome to Nazaarah from Levittown and Tierra from Philadelphia, who participated in orientation this week.

Training and Preparation

Training and preparation are they keys to success, and here at Home Helpers we strive to give our caregivers all the tools to be the very best that they can be! In this photo, Debbie and Quintina are training Jackie on the proper techniques while using a Hoyer Lift. Big thanks to Quintina and Debbie for all that they do to train our Caregivers (and Debbie for being our “client” for the demonstration). Jackie, you are already an amazing caregiver and we know how successful you will be with everything you do!

Caregiver of the Month

We are thrilled to announce the caregiver of the month for July 2019. Congrats to Marion Stahl of Lansdale, a Home Helpers caregiver of 5+ years who is adored by her clients. Marion treats her clients like beloved family members and that is evidenced by the repeated requests by our clients to have Marion as their care provider.

New Hire Orientation Wednesday

It’s another wonderful New Hire Orientation Wednesday for us here at Home Helpers! We are pleased to welcome 3 new additions to our care team. Congrats, from left to right, to Valerie from Ambler, Alicia from Bristol, and Taylor from Quakertown!

Lunch and Learn for the Month of August

Our Staff Development Coordinator kicked off our Lunch and Learn for the month of August by going to visit some of our live ins! Inside the brown bags are wawa cards, water, a bag of chips and our annual training policies. Get ready to see a lot of smiling faces from our field staff and caregivers throughout the month of August!

Emma Joins the Home Helpers Team

We are pleased to welcome Emma, a resident of Philadelphia, to Home Helpers. Pictured with Emma are Lindsay (on the left) and Breanna (on the right) form our HR team.

Maintaining Senior Independence

As the U.S. ages, studies show 89% of Americans over age 50 want to remain home America’s seniors desire to remain independent and living in their beloved homes. Home Helpers® Home Care provides resources for families to start the conversation on how their senior loved ones are able to “age in place” safely. According to the National Institute for Aging, 89% of Americans over the age of 50 wish to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Conversations about the benefits and costs associated with aging in place are critical.

Veteran and Military Hiring Initiatives

Emma Dickison, our corporate president, was on Fox and Friends this morning, speaking about our veteran and military hiring initiatives -

New Hires 7-17-2019

Home Helpers is pleased to welcome four new caregivers to our team today. Welcome Ayona, Qaadir, Allotey and Danielle!

New Hire Orientation Class: 7/12/2019

Home Helpers is pleased to welcome new caregivers Nichelle (Trevose) and Toby (Yardley) to our care team. Both participated in orientation and training on Friday.

Caregiver of the Month Award for June, 2019

Home Helpers is pleased to announce the recipient of the Caregiver of the Month Award for June, 2019. Chandra Scott has over 4 years’ experience with Home Helpers and consistently delights our clients with her warm heart and welcoming smile. Thank you, Chandra, for your many contributions, and for making our clients’ lives easier! Congratulations on this recognition of your performance.

Ethical Issues in Dementia

Home Helpers’ Regional Manager, Anastasia Beamer, and Client Care Manager, Eileen Edling, RN, participated in a CEU event entitled “Ethical Issues in Dementia” at Foulkeways at Gwynedd, conducted by Linda Anderson of Anderson Elder Law. Pictured, from left to right, are Deb Klock of DLK Managed Care Solutions, Anastasia Beamer, Linda Anderson, Esq., Eileen Edling, RN, and Mary Zimmerman, RN, of Foulkeways.

Welcome, Mahnaiyah, from East Falls!

Pictured (center) is another new caregiver joining the Home Helpers family, participating in orientation today. Welcome, Mahnaiyah, from East Falls! To her left is Breanna, HR support specialist, and Josh B, staffing coordinator, enjoying a good laugh.

New Hires

Home Helpers welcomed 2 new caregivers to orientation this week, Giavonni and Gladys, each from Philadelphia. Welcome aboard!

Senior Nutrition

No matter our age, we’re all more aware of the impact proper nutrition makes in living a healthy life. But that doesn’t mean we always make the right choice when it comes to eating properly. And if we don’t eat properly in the early and middle stages of our life, then it’s almost guaranteed there will be health consequences later. The key is to not start bad habits or, if we’re already victim to them, to make a lifestyle change and develop new habits that help us live healthier and simply feel better.

Every Month is Heart Month

Heart Month, which the U.S. has marked every February since the 1960s, is a great time for reminders about healthy diet, regular exercise routine, frequent doctor visits and sticking to medication guidelines. But following that advice can be one of the greatest challenges to heart health, especially among people over 65 living independently. Some of the most common factors that affect seniors’ healthy practices aren’t due to a lack of awareness, but the ability to follow through on them. For example, it’s one thing to tell an older loved one that doctor visits are important, but traveling to the doctor’s office on unfamiliar streets or in inclement weather can be a serious obstacle for older people. Scheduling, rescheduling and understanding clearly the advice of medical professionals are additional challenges. If the appointment results in a prescription or a referral to another professional, that requires another trip. Then there is the challenge of managing prescriptions; seniors who have multiple prescriptions can become confused about the timing and dosage of each one.

Recognizing the Need

Usually, recognizing the need for in-home assistance isn’t precipitated by a specific event. It happens gradually. And it can be a hard thing to admit to talk to an elderly loved on about. But needing help is not the same thing as giving up your independence. Nobody likes to ask for help and it’s even harder for someone who has spent a lifetime taking care others. You’re not alone. We’ve been there before, and we’ll be there with you. Because we’re in this together.

Taking The Keys Away: Older Driver Safety Awareness

Although Americans are healthier and living longer than ever before, seniors are outliving their ability to drive safely by an average of 7 to 10 years. This is primarily due to impairments in three functions that are important for driving—vision, cognition, motor function. The way aging adults want to determine when to stop driving differs; 30% of Americans 65 years or older prefer for their family to determine when it’s time, while 26% of Americans 65+ prefer to make the decision themselves. It’s hard to know which percentage your loved one will fall into, and Home Helpers is always here to help. To support these needs, our Exceptional Caregivers have been trained to aid families who experience a wide variety of care issues. We offer companion care, personal care, homemaker services, transportation and much more.

Home Helpers Brings a Hot Meal to Veterans in Philadelphia on Veterans Day

On Monday, November 12 at 3:30PM, Hope Helpers thanked our Veterans for their commitment and service to our country. But saying thank you isn’t enough. Home Helpers engaged Jeremiah’s Custom Cuisine ( to bring a hot meal to approximately 40 Veterans at The Veterans Group home ( in the University City section of Philadelphia PA.

Home Helpers Welcomes New Caregivers

Home Helpers welcomes new Caregivers, Amber and Breyanna, from Philadelphia. Both participated in new hire orientation in early November, 2018.

Celebrating and Supporting Military Families

Veterans and military families have the opportunity to support our communities through employment, business ownership, care recipients and advocates for Veteran’s Benefits. Our commitment to employment complements well with the service-minded nature of military families. Home Helpers provides the ultimate employment opportunity for trailing family members, and our partnership with MSEP (Military Spouse Employment Partnership) helps qualifies military family members to find careers with local Home Helpers offices.

Career Fair Saturday November 3rd from 10-2

Home Helpers is seeking compassionate individuals to provide non-medical in home care to seniors. Join us for our Career fair on Saturday November 3rd from 10-2 at 213 N. Broad St in Lansdale PA. We'll be conducting on the spot interviews. No experience required, training provided, flexible schedules, competitive wages.

Talk About Medicine

According to a CDC study in 2016, 90% of all US residents aged 65+ take at least one prescription pill per month. Up to 93.5 million Americans who take one or more prescription drugs do not take them as prescribed (per a 2013 Kaiser Family Foundation report). Talk Before You Take is a campaign that highlights the importance of communicating with a healthcare professional about the benefits and risks of prescribed medications before a prescription is written and filled.

How to Start the Conversation

There are certain topics we tend to put off discussing because we worry the conversation will be uncomfortable – at best – or even confrontational. Why ruin a pleasant visit with a talk nobody particularly wants to have? One obvious example is talking to an older parent or other loved one about their living arrangements and whether they’ll need help. No matter who brings it up, we tend to approach this particular conversation with the kind of anxiety usually reserved for surgical procedures.

Understanding Alzheimer’s

Home Helpers® Home Care is dedicated to providing the most effective method of home care services regardless of your family’s unique situation, including elder care services such as Alzheimer’s Disease. As the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s currently does not have a cure. Perhaps you’ve seen the TV/print/online campaign, however, stating that the first survivor of Alzheimer’s is out there. Until then, however, it’s important to know the 10 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s. At Home Helpers of Media, we understand how to work with families as they face an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Those in the early stages might benefit from our line of Direct Link® personal emergency response systems and medical alert systems, which provide 24-hour monitoring and peace of mind for families. Further, we have Exceptional Caregivers who are experienced in providing compassionate dementia care. They understand it’s the disease, not the client, which can be difficult to treat as it progresses. We’ll work with the family to match you with the right Caregiver for your situation.

When Your Parent Refuses Caregiving Help

Providing caregiving for your parent is a profound life-altering shift of roles that requires balancing the right to self-determination with the recognition that your mother and father need help. One of the biggest frustrations for adult children is that they come up with a plan that makes perfect sense to them but their parent says, “Thanks but no thanks.” When our parents’ refusal to accept help puts their safety and well-being in jeopardy, we feel compelled to act, yet our good intentions are often thwarted. Over the years, I have heard countless stories of caregivers who tried strong-arming their parent to accept help — only to feel angry and dismayed when their efforts failed.

New Hires 7/25/18

We are proud to welcome new care staff to Home Helpers. Attending Orientation this week are Nicole C., Kayla F., and Marie C. from Philadelphia.

Maintaining Senior Independence

America’s seniors desire to remain independent and living in their beloved homes. Home Helpers® Home Care can help families start the conversation about how to “age in place” safely. According to the National Institute for Aging, 89% of Americans over the age of 50 wish to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Conversations about the benefits and costs associated with aging in place are critical. To support these needs, our Exceptional Caregivers have been trained to aid families who experience a wide variety of care issues. We offer companion care, transportation services, and personal monitoring through our line of Direct Link® services – offering peace-of-mind knowing that help is a touch of a button away. Call us at 215.631.9126 to schedule your free in-home consultation to see how we can tailor a care plan that meets the needs of your loved one and provides you the peace-of-mind you deserve. Our vision is to be the extended family when the family can’t be there by delivering the same Exceptional care we would want for our loved ones. We have a mission that matters and would love to work with you to design a plan that meets your needs and budget.

New Hires 7/11/18

Home Helpers is proud to welcome 5 new caregivers on orientation day. Pictured are Angelina from Lansdale, Glorymar from Philadelphia, Jeremy from Lansdale, Kayla from North Wales, and Emily from Lansdale.

New Hire 6/20/18

We are pleased to welcome Sydney from North Wales, on orientation day, pictured along with staffing coordinators Kathy and Christie.

New Hire Orientation 06/29/2018

We are pleased to welcome our new hires on this beautiful Friday, June 29th. New caregivers include Joshua B. from Philadelphia, and Gulay C. from Bethlehem. Also shown is Debbie P, LPN, Staff Development Coordinator for Home Helpers.


If there is one thing people should be most aware of when it comes to PTSD, it’s the amount of support resources available. PTSD is treatable and support is readily found from organizations in person and online. For veterans, this includes DAV (Disabled American Veterans), the Wounded Warrior Project, the US Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD, and PsychArmor Institute. Non-veterans can also find assistance, particularly at Faces of PTSD and the PTSD Alliance. These organizations offer education and support in many forms. Remember, if you suspect that you or a loved one has PTSD, the bravest thing you can do is seek help. At Home Helpers of Newtown, Bucks County, we understand how to conscientiously provide support for those with PTSD. Our Exceptional Caregivers are trained to aid families living with these care issues. We offer companion care, transportation services personal monitoring with Direct Link, and more.

Paper Challenge at The Bridges at Warwick in Jamison, PA

Home Helpers proposed the Paper Challenge to the staff of The Bridges at Warwick in Jamison, PA. This is a balance challenge: a single piece of paper is folded in half, and placed in the floor standing up. Standing on one leg and without the use of hands, you must bend and grab piece of paper with your mouth. Prizes were awarded and entire departments (sales, dietary, housekeeping, caregivers and Fox therapy staff) participated! Pictured are winners Kristy and Jeff of Fox Rehabilitation in the Optimal Outcomes Program at the Bridges, along with Mandy Delp and Eileen Edling of Home Helpers.

New Hires

On Wednesday, May 16, Home Helper’s welcomed the following caregivers to our team. From left to right - Yah, Carla, Naftalie, and Musu.

UBCTS Career Fair

Pictured is Debbie Piccini, LPN, Home Helpers Staff Development Coordinator, speaking with a prospective caregiver, at Upper Bucks County Technical School in Perkasie, Bucks County. Home Helpers was pleased to participate in UBCTS’ career fair.

New Caregivers Joining Our Team

Pictured here are new Caregivers joining our team, on orientation day. Welcome Susanne K. (Blue Bell), Gigi S. (Philadelphia), and Alexa F. (Ivyland)!

New Caregiver Hires

Pictured here in the lobby of our Lansdale office are new caregiver hires, Cornelia, Makissi, Lyse and Taylor starting their first day with Home Helpers.

Job Fair at Bucks County Community College

Home Helpers’ Director of Operations, Patti Soisson, speaks with job seeker, Victoria Shaw, at Allied Health at the Bucks County Community College, Newtown Campus. Home Helpers is always hiring compassionate caregivers to deliver remarkable care to its clients.

New Hires

Pictured are new Home Helpers’ Caregiver hires Shannise W. (center, left) of Oreland and Jovelyn B. (center, right) of Warrington, on orientation day. Also with them are Kathy Kramme (far left) and Christie Scott (far right), both Staffing Coordinators.

What Kind of Rocker Are You?

Pictured here is Mandy Delp, Outreach Manager for Home Helpers, leading an activity with the residents New Seasons of Chalfont, PA on Thursday 3/29/18. The activity, “What Kind of Rocker Are You?” features music from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s, with trivia and trips down memory lane. The mind recalls music and attaches memories and emotions…There was clapping, cheers and even a few tears!

Penn State University Job Fair

Pictured here is the Home Helpers’ table at the Penn State University job fair that was held on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 in Abington, PA. Rachel Troutman (Human Resources Rep) and Patti Soisson (Director of Operations) attended the event to recruit caregivers throughout Montgomery and Bucks Counties.


Caring for individuals with developmental disabilities requires a special level of compassion, understanding, and patience, which is why the majority of this type of care is provided by family members. Developmental disabilities include any condition that is due to physical, learning, language or behavioral issues. In the United States, one out of every six children has a developmental disability such as ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, hearing loss, vision impairment or a learning disorder. At the same time, it’s estimated that the combination of adults with developmental disorders, along with older adult Caregivers, will merge to incur additional weight on families and their ability to provide proper care. At Home Helpers, we understand the effort it takes to conscientiously provide support for individuals with developmental disabilities. Even the most patient, loving and compassionate person needs a break sometimes. We strongly believe it’s important to provide trusted respite care for family Caregivers so they can take care of themselves. Many are working a full-time job, then come home and immediately switch into full-time caregiving mode. Everyone deserves to be able to take some time for themselves to relax and recharge.

Caregivers of the Month for February, 2018

Congratulations to Margaret Kennedy and Jorina Janga for being nominated and then chosen as February’s Employees of the Month. Margaret Kennedy is a live-in caregiver that celebrated her one year anniversary with us on February 1. Margaret has been on a few assignments but the one that she is on now and has been on since August 30, 2017, truly has adopted her as part of their family. Margaret is a special lady that brings so much love to all of her assignments. Margaret is kind and soft spoken and has dedicated her life to caring for others. Margaret has a smile that wraps around you like a hug. We all could learn from Margaret. Congratulations Margaret Jorina Janga has been with Home Helpers since May of 2014. Jorina started as a live-in caregiver but now does hourly work. Jorina works six days a week caring for a lovely couple that has repeatedly told us they could not manage without her. Jorina is so dedicated to Home Helpers and to her clients that regardless of what is going on for her, she always manages to get to her assignments. Weather, car issues, etc., Jorina will be on her assignment. Jorina is highly skilled and is able to put any and all clients at ease. Jorina is excellent with clients that are memory impaired. She has so much patience and love to give. Truly a remarkable caregiver. Congratulations Jorina.

Home Helpers of Bucks County Awarded “Best of Home Care Provider of Choice” for 2018

Home Helpers of Bucks, Montgomery and Lehigh Valley has recently won “Best of Home Care Provider of Choice” for 2018. The company has won the award 2 years in a row, for both 2017 and 2018. The Best of Home Care Providers is given to home care companies across the county based up client satisfaction ratings of over 90% . The surveys are conducted by an independent 3rd Party, Home Care Pulse that is a leader in satisfaction research. Our company takes pride in knowing that we provide a high quality of care for our clients and their family members.

Caregivers of the Month for January, 2018

Congratulations to Colleen Homer and Ann Klaski! Colleen Homer has been with HH’s since May of 2008. In the almost 10 years that Colleen has been with us, she has been named the “Queen of short shifts” and is known to pitch in on VERY short notice when the office needs her help. Colleen has had the honor and the privilege in the ten years that she has been a caregiver that she has met and cared for 207 clients working an average of 47 hours a week typically working six days a week. We are so appreciative of Colleen’s kindness and dedication to our clients and to Home Helpers. Congratulations to Colleen. Ann Klaski has been with HH’s since April of 2008. Ann has been through a lot with HH’s both professionally and personally. We have been honored over the years to assist Ann with taking care of her own family members. Ann works six days a week with one client and has been with that client since October 25, 2013. Way to go Ann! In the almost ten years that Ann has been with us she has had the pleasure to meet and work with 30 different clients. Ann is a pleasure to have on the team. Congratulations to Ann.

Congratulations to Shaniece Samedy and Shamika Jean-Philippe

Shamika and Shaniece have been working with Home Helpers clients in the Lehigh Valley while pursuing their LPN Degree through Lincoln Technical Institute in Allentown. Home Helpers partners with Lincoln Tech in welcoming their students to seek employment while they are attending classes. The flexible scheduling Home Helpers offers as well as on the job training and support enabled both women to continue working while they completed their degrees. Congratulations to Shamika and Shaniece. Both ladies will make wonderful LPN’s and have had on-the-job training already!

Caregivers of the Month for December, 2017

Congratulations to Carmin Smith and Faye Dillard for being nominated and chosen for December caregiver’s of the month. Carmin Smith is a full-time caregiver that has been with HH’s since May of 2015. Carmin has a genuinely warm disposition about herself and she truly brings such happiness to all of her clients. Carmin’s kindness extends beyond just her client, she also understands that her role is to “Make Life Easier” for the family members as well. Carmin has a smile that lights up a room and makes you want her to come back day in and day out. Congratulations Carmin and please keep up the good work, it is a pleasure to have you on the team. Faye Dillard has been with HH’s since April of 2012. Throughout the years Faye has contributed with the care for many clients but her current client that she is with for 40 hours a week, absolutely adores her. Her client states she does not know what she would do without Faye. She is considered part of the family. Faye has a big heart and truly loves her client(s). Faye goes above and beyond and family members often express their gratitude. Faye is an excellent communicator and keeps her team and the office up to date when there is a change with the client or the client home. Faye is a pleasure to work with and is always willing to help when she can. Congratulations Faye! Thank you for your five years of service and thank you for your dedication to Home Helpers and to our clients.

Caregivers of the Month for November, 2017

Congratulations go out to Denise Manswell and Hilda Genao for being nominated and winning the CG of the month aware for November. Denise has been with Home Helpers since April of 2012. While averaging close to 45 hours a week with HH’s, Denise is also pursuing her nursing degree. She hopes to graduate in the Spring of 2018. We commend Denise for her hard work. Denise is kind, gentle, and understanding of the aging process that her clients go through. Denise understands what boundaries she has to put in place to ensure that her clients’ are safe. Denise participates in 100% of the in-services and meetings that HH’s invites her to. She also brings her daughter to the family events. Congratulations Denise and thank you for all that you do. Hilda Genao has been with HH’s since August of 2016. In the time Hilda has been with us, she has made a strong connection with her desire to be a non-medical homecare caregiver. We have heard many touching stories about the “above and beyond” care that Hilda gives to her clients. Most recently she lost one of her clients and she told me it was such an honor to have known him and his family. Hilda went to the funeral and she was honored by the family. Hilda has a big heart that overflows with compassion. Her kind and gentle approach is always appreciated and remembered. Congratulations Hilda and thank you for all that you do.

Winner from Alzheimer's Walk

Congratulations to H. Knapp, winner of the Home Helpers 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer's crochet blanket. Home Helpers collected names during the walk for the free raffle. Members of the Fox News Team were on hand to pull the winning ticket. Tom Krupp, from the Lansdale PA office was there to present the blanket to the winner. The walk was held on Saturday November 11, 2017 at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia PA.

Caregivers of the Month for October, 2017

Congratulations to Maribel Gonzalez and Karim Abdul Tarab for being named Employees of the Month for October! Maribel has been with Home Helpers since June of 2013. Maribel basically works six days a week. Maribel states this is the perfect job for her because she can work her schedule around her daughter’s schedule. Maribel loves caring for multiple people throughout her work week. She enjoys the conversations and learning from her clients. Maribel is a kind and compassionate caregiver that prides herself in truly “Making Life Easier” for our clients. We enjoy Maribel’s sense of humor and upbeat personality. You would never know if Maribel is having a bad day. She is all smiles, all the time! Congratulations to Maribel. Karim Abdul Tarab has been with Home Helpers since March of 2009. He primarily has been a live-in but at times he has done some hourly shifts. Karim has dabbled in other ventures throughout his time with us but he always find his way home to HH’s. Karim is a gentle soul that takes great pride in the well-being of not only his clients but the family members. Karim is a very skilled CG that does not back down from any challenging situation. Karim’s compassion and respectful approach is an excellent fit for our clients. Congratulations to Karim.

Caregivers of the Month for September, 2017

We are proud to announce that Maisa Duerr, Jennifer Henderson, Gina Rossetti, Cristina Kwant, and Shamina Floyd were chosen as the winners for September. Congratulations ladies!

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