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The Keys to Enjoying Early Retirement

By Patti Soisson

We all realize how essential it is to be financially prepared for retirement, but it’s just as important to prepare yourself emotionally as well. At Home Helpers, we’re just as familiar with providing in-home care to clients who have willingly retired as we are to those who were forced to retire because of medical issues. If you resonate with the latter, there are several ways you can better deal with this sudden and unexpected shift in your life.


Tend to Your Finances First

Because retirement signals the end of a career, it might also signal the end of a regular stream of income. That’s why one of the first things you should do is take stock of your financial reserves and ask yourself if you have enough to survive and meet your basic living needs. Specifically, concentrate on your Social Security, pension and what you have in savings. Whether you have enough or not, it’s always good to find ways to save money while ensuring you have the health and senior care coverage you need. Your finances play a huge part in your overall emotional health, and there’s no better feeling than financial security.


Be Social

One of the great things about retirement, be it early or on-time, is that you have more time to socialize with friends and family and do more of the things you love. While having financial security and the aid of an experienced caregiver can most certainly do wonders for your mood, having a robust social circle and social life can do you even more good. Take some time out to explore local events that interest you, and don’t be afraid to cultivate new interests and hobbies that bring you joy.


Keep Your Mind Busy

Because being forced into retirement can come with an abundance of anxiety, depression and a mixture of other negative emotions, do everything you can to keep your mind busy so you don’t settle into a lull, which can take your mind to negative places regarding your present situation as well as your future. Cultivate interests and hobbies that keep your mind engaged and sharp, which is essential for everyone, but especially so for retired individuals and senior citizens.


Renew Your Feeling of Self-Worth

For some people, their sense of worth is closely tied to their profession. When your profession is suddenly snatched away from you, that sense of self-worth might go right along with it. Remember that you are not your job and that you have more to offer yourself and the world.


If you need a bit of help during your early retirement, know that Home Helpers is here to help in any way we can. Reach out to us for more ways to successfully deal with the emotions tied up with early retirement.