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Caregivers of the Month for January, 2018

By Greg Scheck

Congratulations to Colleen Homer and Ann Klaski!

colleen homer 

Colleen Homer has been with HH’s since May of 2008.  In the almost 10 years that Colleen has been with us, she has been named the “Queen of short shifts” and is known to pitch in on VERY short notice when the office needs her help.  Colleen has had the honor and the privilege in the ten years that she has been a caregiver that she has met and cared for 207 clients working an average of 47 hours a week typically working six days a week.  We are so appreciative of Colleen’s kindness and dedication to our clients and to Home Helpers.  Congratulations to Colleen. 

ann klaski 

Ann Klaski has been with HH’s since April of 2008.  Ann has been through a lot with HH’s both professionally and personally.  We have been honored over the years to assist Ann with taking care of her own family members.  Ann works six days a week with one client and has been with that client since October 25, 2013.  Way to go Ann!  In the almost ten years that Ann has been with us she has had the pleasure to meet and work with 30 different clients.  Ann is a pleasure to have on the team.  Congratulations to Ann.