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Talk About Medicine

By Frank Esterle

Talk About Medicine

According to a CDC study in 2016, 90% of all US residents aged 65+ take at least one prescription pill per month.

Up to 93.5 million Americans who take one or more prescription drugs do not take them as prescribed (per a 2013 Kaiser Family Foundation report).

Talk Before You Take is a campaign that highlights the importance of communicating with a healthcare professional about the benefits and risks of prescribed medications before a prescription is written and filled. The specific aims of the Talk Before You Take campaign are to:

  • Understand medication side effects
  • Avoid adverse drug reactions
  • Improve adherence to medicine regimen(s)
  • Live healthier lives

Here are four tips to help guide your conversation with your healthcare provider about prescription medicines:

  1. Talk to your healthcare provider and ask questions about the benefits and potential risks of prescription medicines you take.
  2. Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you are taking—including over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and dietary supplements.
  3. Tell your healthcare provider about any allergies or sensitivities that you may have.
  4. Read and follow the medicine label and directions. 

Home Helpers® Home Care can help families start the conversation about how to take medications. To support these needs, our Exceptional Caregivers have been trained to aid families who experience a wide variety of care issues. We offer companion care, transportation services, and personal monitoring through our line of Direct Link® services – offering peace-of-mind knowing that help is a touch of a button away.

At Home Helpers of Media, we understand how to best prepare seniors for these circumstances. We have many free guides available, such as “How to Protect Seniors from Financial Abuse,” ways to “Start the Conversation” with your family to bring in-home care services, and “How to Make Seniors Part of the Decision-Making Process.” Go to to view our free online resources library. 

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