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Working for Home Helpers for over 6 years as an on-call caregiver has been such an adventure. My role has brought me countless memorable experiences. I appreciate how every client has something to contribute to the caregiver, and likewise the caregiver brings something of value to the client and their family members. Every day is a new challenge to be conquered to assure our valued clients receive the services they need. I love my dynamic role with Home Helpers!

Carol U. (Doylestown)

I have been working with Home Helpers for over 4 years now, and I really love working for this company! The kindness and compassion shown by management to its employees is outstanding. They really helped me gain confidence to be able to work with people of all ages and care needs. Home Helpers trained me to work with individuals with a variety of health issues or disabilities, and taught me how to respectfully care for the elderly. My personal experience having three different clients with ALS in all stages of the disease, changed over time and gave me the ability to truly understand what it is like to live with such a horrible illness. This experience has changed my overall perspective on life and really taught me to be patient, respectful, caring, and devoted to my job so that I am able to provide care in any situation.

Carley R. (Levittown)

Home Helpers was a wonderful stepping stone to start my Healthcare Career.

Originally, I was in need of more patient time in order to graduate. Back in 2012, I was majoring in pre-medicine and would eventually pursue medical school. I was looking for something outside of the usual hospital and doctor’s office volunteer hours. I wanted something more quiet and personal…something that would bring me a paycheck as well, to help with school costs. Home Helpers was just that company! I was able to work and gain that confidence in helping others on a personal level, whether it was bed bathing, assistance with feedings, medication reminders, or even taking my client for their weekly food shopping. Home Helpers accommodated my crazy school schedule and allowed me freedom to work my maximum hours weekly, all while continuing my education, which was so important to me.

I gained lifelong memories and friendships with clients who will always have a place in my heart. Some taught me very valuable life lessons and most were my biggest fans of my educational journey. I remember reading one of my essays to my clients weekly, and she would give me advice and critical feedback after her Sunday breakfast and during our strolls through the hallways of a nursing home! She would often ask if I got my grades back and wanted to know how well I did. After working with Home Helpers for 6 years, I had graduated, and was accepted into Perelman Medical School. I am so happy with where I am now in my life, and look back fondly on my time spent working for Home Helpers.

Colene R. (Lower Bucks County)

I have been working for home Helpers for almost 7 years now. My daughter, Colene, was working for the company, and suggested I apply. I originally began as a part-time employee because I was in need of a few extra hours along with my daily job. Home Helpers was very flexible with my schedule and found me clients that fit my lifestyle perfectly.

Before working for the company, I had little to no experience working in healthcare. Home Helpers supervisors offered in-person and computer-based training, always making sure that I was fully comfortable with my clients before sending me out alone. At any time, I could call and get answers to any question I had. If I was in need of guidance, they would respond swiftly, which gave me the confidence I needed. Sometimes, a nurse from the agency would arrive at my client’s home for a wellness visit and also offer me training support, helping me learn how to bed bathe, reposition, transfer using a Hoyer lift, as well as basic exercises for my clients, to keep them strong and motivated.

Now, years later, I train other employees because I am in the full-time role of on-call caregiver. I enjoy meeting new people daily and listening to all of my client’s stories. They really make my day, and I’m loving my job!

Dyane R. (Levittown)

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