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Taking the Keys Away: Older Driver Safety Awareness

Currently, 33 states and the District of Columbia have special provisions for mature drivers. These include accelerated renewal frequency, restriction of online or mailed renewals, vision test, road test, and reduced or waived renewal fees.

Although driving provisions are in place, the government can only play a small role in ensuring road safety. For that reason, the AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) developed Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. The goal is to start the conversation and to help better prepare Caregivers and family members on how to anticipate the changes inherent in aging and how that impacts driving. 

One of the main concerns with taking the keys from an aging adult is the removal of their independence along with it. Without driving, seniors are no longer able to drive to the market, attend church, go to the library, meet friends for coffee, or visit loved ones. This experience can be traumatic. As a Caregiver, or working with the Caregiver, you may also have to deal with relatives (and others! who may be too judgmental no matter which position they take.

Home Helpers® Home Care offers a plethora of ways to help with starting this conversation and maintaining senior independence when their ability to drive is no longer adequate. Staying active and socially engaged is critical for seniors’ health and well-being. And as much as we love spending time with our loved ones, most of us can’t be there as much as we’d like to provide the needed support and companionship. 

Home Helpers Caregivers can assist clients with all their transportation needs such as grocery shopping, general errands, doctor appointments, therapy appointments, general outings or help getting to local senior center activities.

Home Helpers of is part of this community because this is where we want to live and work,” said owner Frank Esterle. “Our reputation is just as important as the clients we assist, and we’re committed to treating our clients and their families as we would want our own loved ones to be treated.”

Home Helpers understands the issues facing those who are nearing the end of their driving days. Care plans are individualized to meet your specific needs and can begin with weekly telephone checks, hourly companion care, or transportation services. Home Helpers also offers a wide range of monitoring products through our Direct Link® services where help is just the touch of a button away. Direct Link also has a line of products designed to help monitor health vital signs and remind seniors when it’s time to take medication.

For more information please contact us at (215) 515-9684