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Celebrating and Supporting Military Families

The challenges of both care and employment are issues military families face during and after duty. Additionally, those employment challenges our military families face are often harsh. In fact, Blue Star Families, a nonprofit that advocates for armed forces families, noted military spouses have an unemployment rate four times the national average. Although obstacles like relocation and extra at-home demands pose a valid threat to employment for military spouses, Home Helpers® Home Care has a wide range of options that can surely solve your problem. 

Veterans have their own challenges to overcome when attempting to find appropriate care as well. Based on a recent study by the Rand Corporation, veterans may struggle with the ability to find comprehensive, effective care. Reasons veterans struggle may include the following:

  • Many veterans choose care based on financial considerations (for example, insurance coverage) and convenience considerations (for example, distance) rather than seeking optimal, personalized treatment.
  • There is evidence of a lack of coordination between private insurance and the VHA: Patients using both systems have more admissions than those using one system, despite similar health.
  • There is evidence of inefficiency within the VHA itself — lengths of stay were 50 percent longer in VHA hospitals than in non-VHA hospitals for a broad array of conditions. Further, the VHA was more likely to provide inpatient care for some treatments — eye surgery, colonoscopy, and substance abuse treatment — when outpatient care might provide an equivalent, less-expensive treatment option.
  • Though comprehensive evidence is sparse, one local study of physicians who see veterans using both the VHA and private systems suggests delays in needed care, lack of communication between systems, and difficulty arranging appropriate care for veterans. 

The opportunity for veterans to find appropriate care, and for military spouses to reach employment opportunities, doesn’t have to be a concern. With an in-home care agency like Home Helpers, services offered allow a win-win situation giving the family peace of mind knowing their loved ones are receiving the care they need. 

Home Helpers understands the issues facing those who are seeking employment or in-home care. Care plans are individualized to meet your specific needs and can begin with weekly telephone checks, hourly companion care, or transportation services. Home Helpers also offers a wide range of monitoring products through our Direct Link® services, where help is just the touch of a button away. Direct Link also has a line of products designed to help monitor health vital signs and remind clients when it’s time to take medication.

Call us at (215) 515-9684 or visit to schedule your free in-home consultation to see how we can tailor a care plan that meets the needs of your loved one and provides you the peace-of-mind you deserve. Our vision is to be the extended family when the family can’t be there by delivering the same Exceptional care we would want for our loved ones. We have a mission that matters and would love to work with you to design a plan that meets your needs and budget.