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Home Care Waukesha WI

Homecare for Your Elderly Loved One
If you live in the Waukesha, WI, area and you keep fretting about an elderly family member who insists on staying in the home they’re most familiar with, you’re not alone. If they live with you, but you’re not home most of the time because of work and other obligations, you’re probably looking for some trustworthy professional assistance to assuage your worries. In other words, you’re looking for Home Helpers of Southeast Wisconsin. We have carefully chosen and trained home health aides to help out in these situations.

We can help your senior loved ones in Waukesha with our available caregivers, who have all received a high level of training. Whether your elderly loved ones live at your place or they live on their own, our staff members can visit them according to the schedule you wish so that you can be assured that they’re getting all the assistance they need. Our compassionate caregivers can offer the much-needed companionship plus the necessary knowledge to help them for whatever assistance they may require for the day.

Home Care: Compassionate and Trustworthy Caregivers with Professionally Training
At Home Helpers of Southeast Wisconsin, we are extremely diligent and careful about whom we designate as caregivers in Waukesha. Each one is carefully approached, and they’re all screened quite thoroughly with an exhaustive background check. We then interview them extensively so that they have the necessary knowledge and emotional makeup necessary to deal with special cases, ranging from making sure that your senior family members are eating right to dealing with dementia. We offer the additional training so that these skills are properly reinforced.

As an additional measure, we add extra security for your elderly loved ones in Waukesha by bonding our caregivers. And we make sure that they have the right attitude for the task. They need to be conscientious in completing their duties, while they also exhibit a natural friendliness and affection to foster the right relationship with your elderly loved ones. So they can fill in for other family members who regularly look out for your senior family member, or they can make scheduled visits to help them with their daily activities. Our schedules are flexible, and they’re meant to fill your particular needs.

Home Helpers Home Care: Making Life Easier
Many Waukesha families today no longer opt for nursing homes and other types of institutional care. For some, it is because their elderly family members insist on staying in the home where they have spent so many happy years in love and comfort. For other families, a good institutional home for the elderly may be too expensive.

For these cases, we offer the best option possible. Home Helpers of Southeast Wisconsin’s sterling reputation in the home care industry makes us your best choice in Waukesha. This is a decision you need to make very carefully. It’s why we welcome any inquiries regarding just how well we choose our caregivers, and how thoroughly we train them to meet the needs of your aging loved ones. We regularly get appreciative feedback from our regular family clients, and by making your inquiries you can be completely assured that you’re making the right choice to pick us to help you and your elderly family member.


Our home care services are also available in Burlington, Franklin, Muskego, Salem, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva, Mukwonago, Twin Lakes, Greenfield, New Berlin, Pewaukee, Vernon, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Milwaukee, Eagle, East Troy, Caldwell, Wind Lake, Tichigan, Honey Creek, Fontana, Waterford, Walworth, and Big Bend.

Waukesha WI



The city of Waukesha, originally known as Prairie Village, was lush with forestry and prairies along the banks of the Fox River, the first home to resident Indian tribes like Sauk, Menomonie, Winnebago and Potawatomi. These tribes’ prehistoric ancestors left behind a number of earthen mounds; early pioneers reported 11 groupings of 55 mounds. A number of the mounds were conical or linear, while others were the forms of birds and reptiles; some were for burial.

Prior to the 1830s, the area was unvisited by settlers due to its inland location, as well as the fact that the Fox River was not a water highway. European settlers came only to the area to set up fur trading posts between their new encampments and established cities like Milwaukee. The first permanent white settlers — Morris D. Cutler and Alonso Cutler — arrived in 1834 seeking claims for homesteads. In 1836, Indian tribes formally lost title to the land and were removed by the Federal Army. Upon the removal, southeast Wisconsin’s settlement quickly began to grow.

Solomon Juneau of nearby Milwaukee was the first supplier to the area. His small store allowed settled families in the area to purchase the provisions needed to survive the difficult winter of 1836-1837. The arrival of the first permanent general store followed in 1839.

The first sign of industry came in 1838 when a sawmill was constructed along the Fox River to supply lumber for community building projects. In 1839, a large flourmill — Forest City Mill — began operations and featured the only smutter (a device used to clean the grain) in the entire territory. In 1840 land leased from Morris Cutler was developed into a limestone quarry. The first local newspaper reporting local, state and national news called the American Freeman printed its first edition in September of 1844, and the first hardware store in 1847 solidified the village as a growing hub. The village’s first manufacturing plant was erected in 1845, the Hickory Grove Brewery opened in the 1850s and in 1855, the Waukesha County Bank was established.

Waukesha, translated to mean “By The Little Fox,” gained worldwide notoriety as a resort area during the last quarter of the nineteenth century, all traced to a man named Colonel Richard Dunbar. Suffering from painful diabetes, Dunbar accidentally discovered the alleged “healing effects” of local spring water. Ending the search for a cure for his illness, he spent the last 10 years of his life believing and promoting that Waukesha spring water could indeed cure certain sicknesses.

Over the years, Waukesha has grown and prospered to today represent a thriving city (the seventh largest in Wisconsin) of more than 70,000 residents, defined by diversified industry, quality education, strong health care facilities, attractive and friendly residential areas and a qualified and experienced hospitality industry. While visiting Waukesha, you can enjoy the bygone era in the many parks, museums and carefully restored architecture of the downtown district.