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The Dangers of Smoking with Oxygen

There are many dangers in smoking cigarettes.  Lung cancer, asthma, emphysema, heart disease just to name a few.  But, there is another danger to smoking cigarettes that people don’t realize.  Usually if you are addicted to cigarettes, you’ve been smoking for a long time--probably years, decades.  Most people that have smoked that long, now have difficulty with breathing and need to be placed on oxygen.  But, do smokers generally quit smoking at this point?  Patients are told not to smoke, but recent surveys show the percentage of home oxygen users still smoking to be between 14 and 51%. and the dangers they put themselves in and everyone around them by smoking with their oxygen on is quite severe and very deadly.    

Stacked Cigarettes

Smoking around oxygen is very dangerous.  If a spark catches the oxygen and has a fuel source like clothing, hair, etc. it will ignite and spread fast.  When fire comes in contact with pure oxygen it will burn hotter because fire needs oxygen to burn.  Please keep yourself safe by keeping yourself at least within a 10-foot radius from others who are smoking, a gas stove, campfires, fireplaces, kerosene heaters, etc.  Even when your oxygen is turned off, you are still at risk of a fire happening if you are lighting up near your oxygen.  Until you can successfully quit, practice safer smoking by not smoking while your oxygen is on.  Wait 10 minutes after you shut off your oxygen and then go outside at a safe distance away from your home to smoke a cigarette.

 Don’t give up on quitting smoking!  It’s so hard but you and everyone around you will be safer and healthier if you can quit.  Use electronic cigarettes and slightly decrease nicotine until you can give it up or use nicotine gum or patches to help with cravings.  Keep yourself busy by finding new hobbies to keep your hands and concentration busy or start an exercise plan (at the advice of your doctor).  Anyone-no matter how long they’ve been smoking can get rid of the habit.  Stay positive and concentrate on being healthy!