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Manteca 24 Hour Home Care and Live-In Caregivers

Modesto 24 Hour Home Caregivers

24-Hour Care is Available to Keep Your Loved One at Home

When someone needs 24 hour care, a Home Helpers Caregiver can always be with your loved one. This way they can remain safe in the comfort of their own home. This provides a less disruptive and less expensive home care option. Compared to moving into an assisted living or nursing facility.

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What’s the difference between 24-Hour Home Care and Live-In Care?

At first glance, you might think these in-home care options are the same. But there are distinct differences and reasons for choosing each.

24-Hour Shift Care

More than one caregiver provides this type of care. Caregivers, working in shifts, over the course of the entire day. There would be no gaps in care coverage and we tailor a plan to meet your specific needs.

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Shift Care includes:

  • Multiple Caregivers during each day
  • No need to provide sleeping/living quarters for Caregivers

Live-In Caregiving

With a live-in caregiver, the caregiver actually resides in the home of the client. Although caregivers are available in case of emergency at any time, they will need breaks. Live-in caregivers need to have break and meal periods and sleep time. Some of which required by state regulations.

Live-In Home Care includes:

  • A primary Caregiver living in the home
  • A requirement for separate sleeping quarters

We can tailor 24-Hour Care that best meets your needs

24-Hour Home Care in Modesto

Whether you choose Shift Care or Live-In Care, a 24-Hour home care option ensures help is there when needed!

That means meal prep, help in the bathroom, and social interaction is always available. And, if an emergency should arise, it’s reassuring to know that someone is onsite. Available to help immediately, including communicating with loved ones about the situation.