In This Together

In This Together

There are moments of realization in everyone’s life.   Times when you know things have changed forever and there’s no going back to “business as usual.”   The situations are as unique as individuals but the experience is universal.


We’re in this together

For some of us, it’s the recognition that dad or mom isn’t as self-sufficient as in the past .   This towering figure of protection in your life must now look to you for protection.  All the signs are there.  You recognize the need for help.   The conversation about the future can’t be put off any longer.  

Everything about the process can feel unnatural and isolating.  Look through the eyes of someone who glances in the mirror only to see the changes wrought by time.   A legacy built, goals accomplished, but the body does not respond like it used to. This is a new chapter.  You’ve always been on the giving end of help, but now you must humbly accept assistance.   Everything about the process can feel unnatural and isolating.


You are not alone


The Planner is the organized, logical caregiver persona.  When confronted by a new situation, they add structure to the chaos.   A natural peacemaker, the Camp Director is a relationship-focused, project manager version of the Planner.  When a task needs doing, who in your family can you most depend on to get it done?  That’s the Doer.   They handle a lot of the day-to-day problems.   Dreamer.   This is the caregiver whose idealism shines in the face of adversity. They keep it positive, but may be blind to impending crises.


Sibling Caregiver Personas

In it Together, as a Family

As a family teams up to address family caregiving challenges, different members will have different perspectives on how to help.   Based on our experience in helping manage family dynamics during home care engagements around the country, we’ve come up with the following 4 family caregiver personality types.   By identifying personas in the group and shining a light on the parts played, families can each gain the confidence that they are all, in fact, in this together.

This framework is meant to help families open a dialogue and see things from another point of view.   When siblings work successfully with one another, everyone will benefit.