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Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors

The term “mental health” is one that gets overused and often misunderstood. At its core, it simply means exactly what it sounds like—the level of health having to do with all things mental. This includes, psychological issues, emotional issues, and neurological issues. Among the many conditions that can happen when mental health is out of balance would be things like depression, anxiety, despair or feelings of hopelessness, aggressive behavior and thoughts of suicide.

Did you know that bringing in music therapy for seniors who struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease can make a huge difference? Well, it can and does! So, how do you utilize music into your senior loved one’s life? Read on and let’s learn!

Here are just a few of the many benefits that come from incorporating music therapy into the life of seniors who deal with mental health disorders:

• Muscle relaxation
• Huge increase in self-esteem
• Reduced tension and anxiety
• Improvement in verbal communication skills
• Improved relationships, whether it be in marriage or even a caretaker
• Motivation to be more engaged in life
• Much increased physical rehab
• Emotional release

The bottom line here is that music therapy serves to provide HUGE benefits for seniors struggling with mental health issues. Music is so effective as a form of therapy—and not just a fun activity in the daily routine of seniors! If you are a caretaker for seniors, do yourself a favor and learn all you can about incorporating music therapy into their lives!

Listening to music and/or having sing-alongs with seniors can trigger thoughts and memories that can help them heal. Often, seniors who struggle with dementia or other cognitive disorders have a very difficult time trying to find the words they want to use, or they may know the words but can’t remember how to use it in context. Music has a way of helping seniors in this category by triggering memories or recalling how certain words are used in context. They may hear a certain song and want to dance, even! Naturally, physical movement is important for overall health, so let them dance the night away!

Overall, music can play a vital role in helping seniors cope with loss and other stressors. Memory loss can be the most frustrating parts of facing dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, but music allows seniors to recognize a song and remember just where they were when they first heard it. Or, they may hear a song and instantly be drawn back to a certain event, such as their wedding or the birth of a child, etc.

If you aren’t sure how to start incorporating music therapy into your older adult’s life, please contact us today!