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Assistance Available to Prevent Seniors from Falling

By Debbie Humphrey

Like most bloopers and practical jokes, watching penguins slipping, sliding and falling on the ice is good for a chuckle. However, when it’s your Great Aunt Betty who takes a spill – or any senior for that matter – it is no joke.

The compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers are cognizant of the many risks involved with seniors falling, and they are the experts at providing assistance and counsel to prevent such traumas.

An in-home evaluation by one of the amazing caregivers at Home Helpers can reveal falling hazards inside and outside of the home. Caregivers are skillfully trained to recognize these risk factors, and they are wise to offer solutions to keep Great Aunt Betty, or your special senior someone safe.

Home Helpers is happy to support a USF Byrd Alzheimer Institute event, hosted in conjunction with “Falls Prevention Awareness Day”, September 23rd. Senior Safety & Falls Prevention was organized to share strategies and resources for aging adults to reduce their risk of falling.

Not only do participants have the opportunity to learn this valuable information, guests in attendance have access to free health screenings, as well as “CarFit” check-ups to improve comfort and safety when operating a motor vehicle. In addition, drug take-back stations will be available as a safe means to discard unwanted or expired medications. Reservations are required for the event, so don’t miss out! You are encouraged to secure your spot today by calling the Byrd Institute at 813-396-0606.

For an in-home consultation with one of the many skilled caregivers at Home Helpers, or to learn more about keeping your special senior from falling, while maintaining your peace of mind, call 727-942-2539.