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Medical Alert Systems are Vital Services for Senior Citizens

By Debbie Humphrey

More than likely, you have seen the television commercial featuring an elderly woman who has fallen and can’t get up. Unfortunately, many jokes and comedy satires derived from this advertisement, even though it is no joke when a senior falls and is rendered helpless.

According to an AC Nielsen study, research indicates the faster help is summoned after a fall, the lesser the detrimental effects and repercussions. The compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers recognize this, and have partnered with Direct Link® to provide Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) services for senior citizens.Services for Senior Citizens

A national company, Direct Link® is “Help at the Touch of a Button™”. Their products and services offer a variety of options for seniors living independently, as added measures of protection in the event of a fall or medical emergency. These services allow seniors to remain independent, as they provide peace of mind to the user and their family members.

The Landline Medical Alert System has the smallest buttons in the industry and is monitored by the Call Center 24/7. Its ease of operation makes this PERS a simple way to stay safe and independent at home.

A Cellular Medical Alert System is an alternative in cases where landlines are not present. As long as there is cellular coverage, this PERS functions as far as 650 feet away from the system’s base unit, and can be worn as a pendant, on the wrist, or on a belt. Again, the Call Center monitors this 24/7.

A Fall Sensor is an important PERS that will alert the Call Center in the event of a fall, when no sudden movement is detected. This device is water resistant and operates up to 600 feet from the base.

The Two-Way Life Sentry Unit is a pendant that serves as a two-way communication resource when assistance is needed quickly, or when it’s just nice to hear a friendly voice. Help from the Call Center is just one touch away, 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.

Learn more about Home Helpers, Direct Link®, and the many vital products and services available for senior citizens, by calling 727-942-2539.