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Breast Cancer Treatments Prompt In-Home Senior Care

By Debbie Humphrey

As we age, our risk of developing breast cancer increases exponentially. Once diagnosed with the disease, a patient’s age and stage of cancer factor into determining the most appropriate treatment regiments, which may or may not be prescribed by the oncologist, depending on each individual case.

We know the common courses of action usually involve chemotherapy and/or radiation, both of which have side effects. However, chemotherapy most often renders a patient nauseated, weak and fatigued. The older we get, the longer it takes our bodies to recover.

These therapies also weaken immune systems, rendering patients more susceptible to illnesses where germs are easily transmitted, like grocery stores, office buildings, schools and other public places.

Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation for any kind of cancer is rough, but most especially for the elderly. In-home senior care is a great way to lend support during aggressive courses of treatment, and can be of great comfort when family members are busy with their own lives and unavailable to help.Caregivers assist Seniors

The compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and treatment sessions, shop for groceries and household supplies, prepare nutritious meals, manage light housekeeping, aid in personal care, and most importantly, extend invaluable companionship when patients are likely feeling fatigued, emotional, isolated, and vulnerable.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so take a few moments today to discover the many ways Home Helpers can help you or a loved one battling breast cancer and enduring invasive therapies. Contact Home Helpers by calling 727-942-2539.