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Notice Senior Needs this Holiday Season

By Debbie Humphrey

During the holidays, nearly 92 million Americans will spend time visiting and celebrating the season with senior loved ones. Whether it is aging parents, grandparents, friends or neighbors, it is vital to notice senior needs by recognizing any subtle changes that could lead to big challenges in the future.

Physical Changes. Make mental notes about the senior’s appearance and that of their home. Are they acceptably managing their own personal hygiene? Are women wearing makeup and fixing their hair, or are the men clean and dressed appropriately? Is there noticible weight gain or loss? Is their home in order as they have always kept it?

Mother & daughter

Memory. Is your special senior someone remembering people and events correctly? Are they engaged in conversation with others around them?

Motor Skills. Has the elderly adult lost the ability to do tasks that were once simple for them? Does their sense of balance seem normal? Have they lost their footing and taken any falls of which you are aware?

Mood. How is their mood? Do they seem happy? Is your loved one engaging with others freely with joy and with ease? Are you noticing any mood swings?

If any such changes are recognized, it is important that you not launch into a dialogue about what your direct concerns are, but instead have a casual conversation about how the senior is feeling, or if they are getting along ok? If the person feels like they are being ambushed, or they are bombarded with heavy questions, they may become defensive or withdrawn.

Instead, when you notice a senior’s needs have changed due to age, illness or injury, strongly consider Home Helpers and the many options that are available to help your special senior someone maintain their independence, while staying safe, secure and happy at home.  Call 727-942-2539, to schedule an in-home consultation with an experienced, compassionate caregiver today!