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Caregivers for Seniors Provide Compassion & Warmth

By Debbie Humphrey

Caregivers for seniors know all too well how weather can positively or negatively affect their older clients. Of course, warm sunny days have a more positive effect, but cold, gray days tend to leave elderly adults feeling chilled, isolated and depressed.

It is important for family, friends and neighbors to reach out to their aging loved ones, especially during winter months when temperatures fall and clouds roll in, to not only brighten their day with a smile and embrace, but to verify they are well, their mood is positive, and they are warm enough.

Seniors have more issues with circulation as they age, which can leave them feeling cold and uncomfortable. Take time to make sure their seniors are dressed warmly and have blankets nearby to keep them toasty and comfortable. Speaking of toast, a steaming bowl of soup, or a nice cup of coffee or tea, goes a long way to warming someone’s heart and soul!

Moreover, it makes sense that when you check on seniors, you also check their thermostat to ensure it is in the “heat” position, rather than on “cool”, and determine if the air system is functioning properly. If there is a problem, it is a big help to seniors when a trusted someone assists with scheduling an appointment for them with a reputable air conditioning company, so a qualified service technician can inspect and repair faulty systems, if necessary.

The elderly do not want to burden others. They desperately want to remain independent, without requiring help from their loved ones. However, that is not always possible. If you have a special senior someone with whom you are unable to visit or spend time, call Home Helpers. Their compassionate caregivers make it a priority to keep seniors feeling warm & comfortable, safe & secure, happy and healthy, 24/7, 365!