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Home Care vs Home Health Care for Seniors

By Debbie Humphrey

Home health care for seniors is most often the preferred option when a mature adult requires assistance following surgery or when ill. This can be a short-term or long-term arrangement, depending upon the situation, and is generally more affordable and convenient than stays in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility. Professional and private nurses and caregivers are skilled at wound care, injections, intravenous and nutrition therapies, and monitoring specific health conditions.

When professional health care is not required, but in-home care would be of benefit to you or someone you love, Home Helpers is the place start!

With a network of compassionate caregivers available to you for a few hours a day or 24/7, companion care, respite care, transportation assistance, and homemaker services can be the answer you seek to insure you or your loved one is well taken care when family can’t be there.

In fact, an in-home consultation with a Home Helpers representative, will match a compatible caregiver to manage the particular needs of each individual client, and he or she will often become like a member of the family, as relationships grows over time.

Home Helpers caregivers do provide health-related services like checking their clients’ blood pressure, taking their temperature, or gently reminding them to take their medications. However, they do so much more!

Caregivers will keep their clients engaged in conversation and social activities. They are skilled at personal care such as bathing, dressing, and assisting in the bathroom. They perform light housework like making sure beds are changed and made; clothes are laundered, folded and put away; dishes are washed; and trash is removed.

Safety is key, so caregivers are always seeking ways to keep their clients out of harm’s way by removing tripping hazards and making sure stairs and corridors are well lit, just to name a few.

Transportation is important when appointments must be kept. Caregivers can provide a ride to doctor’s appointments and run errands to the grocery, post office or pharmacy.

Home health care for seniors is a great option when medical needs are prevalent. However, when basic services become necessary, home care by the special caregivers at Home Helpers is the perfect option. 727-942-2539