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Meal Preparation for Seniors Promotes Heart Health

By Debbie Humphrey

The older we get, the more our taste preferences change. Perhaps, you always preferred spicy foods, but now you find less spice is nice. It could be illness or medication has altered the way flavors are perceived by your taste buds, and you no longer enjoy certain foods.

One elderly woman told her caregiver, “I’m tired of chewing”, even though she hadn’t eaten enough to sustain a small bird.Home care service

Regardless of the circumstance, it is vital that seniors consume a healthy diet to strengthen their immune systems, maintain heart health and promote overall wellness. Obviously, force-feeding is out of the question. However, meal preparation for seniors may be the answer you’re seeking for finicky family members and friends, who are unable to cook for themselves anymore, or who are no longer motivated to do so.

The compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers are available to go grocery shopping for nutritious food, and they are ready to exercise their culinary skills by preparing healthy meals and snacks for elderly adults in need of a helping hand to prepare – and adhere to – a more balanced diet.

Of course, common sense and the American Heart Association recommend you include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for meals and snacks. If fresh is not-so-fresh, or is not in the budget, frozen and canned options are advised. Fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts are all great, natural sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also important for heart health. A few of the best sources for these essentials include popular selections of fish, veggies, fruits, nuts, and herbs, like salmon, spinach, avocados, English walnuts, and fresh basil.

February is Heart Health Month, so remember to stock heart-healthy foods in the pantry and fridge for meals and snacks, to keep your heart and all organs functioning at their optimum, regardless if you do the cooking or a skilled caregiver does.

For an in-home consultation to discuss options regarding meal preparation for seniors on a regular or temporary basis, contact the professionals at Home Helpers today: 727-942-2539.