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Keep Senior Nutrition in Mind when Planning Easter Menus

By Debbie Humphrey

Spring has arrived and Easter is only days away. Time to review the week’s plan for food, family and fellowship!

Which Good Friday and Easter worship services would you and your family – especially elderly family members and friends – like to attend? It’s a good idea to confirm times and locations of services (sometimes sunrise services are held at a special venues and times), and remember, if you can’t give them a ride, transportation assistance for seniors may be required in order for older church members to attend.

Are you going out to for an Easter breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner after services? Or are you going to host a lovely meal at your home? Again, make sure seniors are able to safely get to the venue, no matter where you choose to dine, and make provisions for food options that meet dietary recommendations or restrictions. Are guests Diabetic or Celiac? If so, menu options should include sugar- and gluten-free choices. If you are cooking, limit the use of salt and opt for herbs and spices as flavorful substitutes.Blog 31 image_Seniors Eating Corn

Include fruits, veggies and salads, for practicing vegetarians and vegans. They are chocked-full of vitamins and minerals, which benefits everyone. Fruit and veggie options are exceptionally important for senior nutrition, because they do not always get their recommended daily allowance.

If there are special seniors in your life who are battling illness, dealing with disabilities or are unable to get out and about anymore, even for a special occasion such as Easter, bring them a program, a newsletter, and/or a daily devotional guide from a church you attend, and consider bringing them a plate from your family’s meal or take-out from the restaurant you choose.

If you are unable to be there for whatever reason, please remember to contact the compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers. They can be there when you can’t, and they will make every effort to keep the day special, be it a holiday or not! 727-942-2539.

Happy Easter!