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Transportation Services for Seniors to Vote

By Debbie Humphrey

The race is on! Politically, our air waves are filled with Republican and Democratic campaigns ad nauseum. If you are like most people in the United States, you are probably formulating your vote for the candidate you think is best-suited to become President of this great nation, based on or separate from party affiliations. Perhaps, you are turned-off by the rhetoric, negativity and lack of direction some candidates are throwing at us. On the other hand, you may be reveling in the political process.iStock_000021237240_Large

Regardless of the candidate you prefer, it is vital that Americans take time to cast a ballot. Seniors have lived through many elections, and they especially look forward to visiting their precinct or sending in their absentee ballots so their vote counts. In the event transportation services for seniors are required, the team at Home Helpers is available to serve.

Early voting started March 5th and runs until March 12th in Florida. If you know a senior who is unable to drive themselves to a polling place, offer them a ride or contact Home Helpers for a transportation assistance so they can cast their vote.

The primary election is March 15th, and there is still time to make arrangements with Home Helpers for a ride to your precinct. The compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers are happy to provide transportation services for seniors to vote, to shop, or to run errands.

No matter your choice for the next POTUS, it is your right as an American citizen to vote for whomever you choose. Your vote counts so make sure and exercise your unalienable right before the polls close Tuesday. 727-942-2539