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Top Four Reasons to Observe Senior Health and Fitness in New Port Richey Everyday

By Debbie Humphrey

Senior Health & Fitness Day was observed on May 25th. However, senior health and fitness in New Port Richey should be recognized each and every day for optimal benefits.

The top four reasons detailed by the Institute for Professional Care Education® reflect compelling evidence revealed through various reputable studies:

  • Regular, sustained aerobic exercise by seniors prompts neurogenesis to occur. Since brain cells are lost with aging, neurogenesis, or the generation of new brain cells (neutrons), takes place in the area of the brain that controls learning and managing tasks. This is of great benefit for those who want to continue learning and pursuing life’s adventures for a good, long time!
  • Heart Health = Brain Health. A recent CNN article points out that, “What benefits the body benefits the brain…You are not a separate brain walking around on top of a body.” The things that help promote heart health – regular, moderately-intense exercise and a diet rich with fruits, veggies, and Omega fatty acids – also benefit the brain.
  • Exercise is a natural anti-depressant. According to James Blumenthal, the primary researcher in a landmark study on depression and exercise in 2007, “Exercise…was generally comparable to antidepressants for patients with major depressive disorder.”
  • Exercise can heighten creativity. “Some folks studying human neuroscience” found that people who exercised regularly demonstrated increased levels of creativity and experienced a higher quality of life.

Even though the annual Senior Health and Fitness Day has come and gone, this does not mean that it is over for you this year. If you are interested in learning more about senior health and fitness in New Port Richey, and safe ways you can become more active for a healthier heart, brain and lifestyle, reach out to the compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers. They will happily provide you with more information and guidance to assist in promoting a healthier you! 727.942.2539

 *Source: Institute for Professional Care Education®