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Senior Men’s Health and Wellness is a Priority of Everyone

By Debbie Humphrey

“Recognizing and preventing men’s health problems is not just a man’s issue. Because of its impact on wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters, men’s health is truly a family issue.” – Congressman Bill Richardson, Congressional Record May 24, 1994

Congressman Richardson’s words could not ring more true. Men’s health is a family issue, and as families, each member should do their part to support their husbands and fathers, their sons and brothers, as well as their uncles and friends, in a supreme effort to attain or maintain optimal health. This is especially true for grandfathers, too.

Senior men’s health and wellness can be more difficult to manage if those men are fearful, stubborn, alone, or a combination of the three. Many men are masters at hiding emotions and keeping things to themselves. It often takes a family member, neighbor or friend to reach out with love, encouragement, and companionship to motivate them enough to take action toward better health.

June is Men’s Health Month, and this week, June 12-19, is Men’s Health Week, just in time for Father’s Day! If you are unable to look-in on your senior male relatives or friends that may exhibit any of the three qualities above, provide transportation to doctor’s appointments (preferably regular check-ups), assist with cooking a few healthy meals, or include in social activities, consider soliciting the help of a compassionate caregiver like those found at Home Helpers.

A complimentary in-home consultation is the best way to perfectly match a caregiver with your special senior friend or family member, and to discern exactly what is required to promote optimum health and wellness on an individual basis.

Find more information about all Home Helpers can do to assist you with your senior man’s health and wellness by calling these experts today: 727.942.2539